Friday, July 31, 2009

Abortion and the Health Care Reform Bill

Health Care Reform Bill

Interview with Representative Chris Smith (NJ) and Kristen Day, Executive Director, Democrats For Life (from The World Over with Raymond Arroyo).

Re: Bill M a n d a t e s ALL insurances both public and private to cover abortion.

“Imagine this, that every healthcare plan in America will be coerced, forced, compelled by the federal government to include abortion as an ESSENTIAL benefit.... This [the Health Care Reform Bill] is the abortion bailout and promotion act of 2009. It is at the core of everything that is in this legislation,” said Congressman Smith.

“This [legislation] is being rushed so that the American public will not know the details and will wake up after it has been signed into law and say, ‘oh my God, this is an unmitigated disaster.’ There is concern about rationing. There is concern about euthanasia.... Abortion, clearly, unmistakably will be a core benefit.” Congressman Smith continues, “This will reinvigorate, expand and again, use the coercive power of the state, to mandate that there be access to this essential benefit called abortion. You will see abortions marketed and promoted, more abortionists hired all over the country, and this decline that we have seen [in abortion rates] will, because very vulnerable women who are now helped by pregnancy care centers and by their families will be marketed for this abortion option and more women will get abortions. It’s very clear.”

Commenting on the fact that Barbara Mikulski, the senator from Maryland, inserted the abortion mandate Senator Smith continued, “The Mikulski language would require that groups like Planned Parenthood... would become the go-to people to provide this so-called service of destroying an unborn child.... What this bill will do will require that in all of these networks [counties that do not have abortion providers]... we will see [Planned Parenthood’s] have a building boom of clinics pursuant to the language in this bill that Mikulski put in... This is all about abortion clinic and abortion industry bailout and expanding abortion. ”