Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Did the Emperor Constantine found the Catholic Church?

The inquisition began as it began almost everyday of her life since her conversion to the Catholic Church. Questions, questions. For most Protestant Grand Inquisitors, the questions are not really to understand Catholicism, but in order to open up a confrontative conversation in which the Protestant can prove his scriptural knowledge superior and expose the Catholic Church for the treacherous fiend it really is and save the poor duped and ignorant Catholic. 

(Please don't think I am pointing at you if you are not one of those people. She really can tell just who those people are....)

And when they found out she converted from Protestantism? No! Can’t be. Impossible. No one that seemingly smart could be that gullible. Sometimes this is where a little smirk comes on their faces, a little bitter sarcasm leaks out into the conversation. The questions always seem to lead to this statement:

“The Catholic Church started in AD 300 with Constantine.”

Out of love for her Protestant brethren she answers using scripture, Christian history and the Church Fathers. The person almost always disapproves of the answer. As if they both didn’t already know the Protestant wasn’t Catholic and somehow the disagreement was a great shock. The Protestant then feels the Catholic woman has no real right to be Catholic unless she could, in one answer, convince the Protestant.  

Well, the author will soon come out with a very lengthy answer indeed to that question, but for those who can't stick around for that, please accept this:
Did the Emperor Constantine found the Catholic Church? | Catholic Answers