Sunday, January 22, 2017



After God had formed the earth and the stars, the sun and the moon; after the oceans were teaming and the skies were filled with the creatures of flight; after He had breathed the animal kingdom into existence and after the Creator had made a man in His own image, God crowned all that He had made with a creature of unsurpassed radiance. God gasped at her glory. Only then did He announce for the cosmos to pause and look upon the woman.
"Behold," God announced, "My creation is finished and it is very good!"

To the precious women—the mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, neices and granddaughters who marched on Washington yesterday, (specifically the speakers and those who placed those depraved, bizarre pink caps on themselves in protest. I have no problem with being pro-women and protesting Trump.)

I must cry out and ask you:

Who has done this to you? 

Who has convinced you to display such depths of self-loathing?

You have fully and willingly submitted to having your eyes blinded! You, who have so eagerly tossed aside your limitless capacity to love, that you would form a mob to overthrow your own gender?

Why would you wish your sex to commit genocide with such irrational disgust for your own womb? To be at enmity with your own body and the body of the innocent unborn? Your movement is nothing but reckless, visionless self-carnage!

What deceiving snake has whispered into your gullible ears that your power derives from casting off all that is beautiful of womanhood and convinced you that femininity is to be crushed? 

You debase yourself in order to protest men debasing you! 
You demand men and the government give you rights that you freely have trampled underfoot.

You have tossed aside your glory to become all that you claim you hate in men.

Your anger and lust for power have given you over as silly pawns to your greatest enemy and you do not care. You would rather publicize your laughable, ridiculous "victimhood" to the world than live in a way that would generate respect. A
s long as you can vent your uncontrolled emotions in a spectacle, it doesn't matter to you that the majority of women who did not join your vulgar revelry will be painted into your hellacious picture of women. 

Do not fool yourself that you were courageous. 
You may have had the eye of the world for a moment. But ultimately, you have made your movement irrelevant and all thinking, decent people will no longer take you seriously. The shame of your behavior will linger far longer than your demands. All you have left yourselves, to make your voices heard, is to sink even lower and screech even louder.

Soon the world will weary of your mindless, meaningless tantrums and the next, wiser generation of young women will abandon your pathetic movement to embrace the glory that you stole from them. 

I call out to you my sisters to no longer be deceived. 

Return to the true feminine that inspired
princes to launch a thousand ships for you, that infinite power that excites and entices in men a passion that would write sonnets and sing your praises--the womanly charm that stirs in men's hearts to shed their blood to protect you and the children you bare. Rouse the noble masculine in men, not by your vicious spewing, but in your alluring gentleness. 

Return to the lofty position that made men die to civilize the world for you. 

With joy embrace the children you were created to bare and live so that your children will call you blessed. You will never find lasting joy in this indecent, coarse behavior. 

Open your eyes and your intellect and look upon yourself as God looks upon you. You have flung yourself to the dogs and handed out your treasures for free making yourself far more stupid than whores, when God created you to be queens! Value yourself again--for you are precious beyond limit. You have within you greatness as a woman and a mother and wife. Love your self again and that can only happen with humble submission to God.