Friday, February 26, 2010

Pray for Catholic Barber

Dear Catholic friends,

The Seventh-day Adventist television program "It is Written" is giving a Last-Day seminar in Rome. There is a barber who has been attending the meetings and has been convinced of the "Sabbath truth" and is considering closing down his source of income--his barber shop--on Saturday and opening up on Sunday. This could be devastating to him spiritually and financially.

 PLEASE pray with me for him.

God, our dear Father in heaven,
Holy are You and Your truths. 
I ask, in union with your catholic and apostolic church  that Your presence will be manifested in all the SDA meetings in Rome to declare truth instead of error. That the heresies spread by Adventism will fall, that the precious light of truth will light up the darkness of their heresies.

That this man, this Catholic Italian barber will be struck with Your beauty so strongly that he will not be clouded with the Adventist message and will be drawn back to a deeper and closer relationship with You in the Mother Church. 

I pray this for ALL the Catholics and believers in every other denomination who attend these meetings. May a miracle occur and Shawn Boonstra himself find that his eyes are opened to the fullness of the truth. 

In the name of Jesus, we humbly plead and petition these things,