Friday, February 26, 2010

Pray for Catholic Barber

Dear Catholic friends,

The Seventh-day Adventist television program "It is Written" is giving a Last-Day seminar in Rome. There is a barber who has been attending the meetings and has been convinced of the "Sabbath truth" and is considering closing down his source of income--his barber shop--on Saturday and opening up on Sunday. This could be devastating to him spiritually and financially.

 PLEASE pray with me for him.

God, our dear Father in heaven,
Holy are You and Your truths. 
I ask, in union with your catholic and apostolic church  that Your presence will be manifested in all the SDA meetings in Rome to declare truth instead of error. That the heresies spread by Adventism will fall, that the precious light of truth will light up the darkness of their heresies.

That this man, this Catholic Italian barber will be struck with Your beauty so strongly that he will not be clouded with the Adventist message and will be drawn back to a deeper and closer relationship with You in the Mother Church. 

I pray this for ALL the Catholics and believers in every other denomination who attend these meetings. May a miracle occur and Shawn Boonstra himself find that his eyes are opened to the fullness of the truth. 

In the name of Jesus, we humbly plead and petition these things,


Tom said...

I appreciate your prayer as it sounds like you are truly sincere. I would urge you however to search your bible so that you can know for yourself and answer anyone from the word of God that this man is either right in what he is doing or if he is really being deceived. Too many of us take the word from someone about what is truly in the bible instead of styuying for ourselves. Here is a link that will give you many verses that you should look up yourself and then decide who is wrong.
Blessings to you.

Teresa Beem said...

Tom, I was raised a SDA and educated in its schools from first grade through the university level. I taught in Sabbath schools and wrote occasionally for its publications. My father is a lay preacher and my father-in-law an ordained preacher. I know Adventism like the back of my hand.

I also know the Bible. It was when I could no longer tolerate the irreconcilable contradictions of Adventist doctrine and the Holy Word of God that I left the church.

Adventism is NOT scriptural. Adventism takes certain scriptures and try to make them fit within Ellen White's visions, but in the end they just, if you are totally honest with scripture, they just cannot work.

Tom, I highly suggest you get a copy of my husband's and my book, "It's Okay NOT to be a Seventh-day Adventist." It is available through It takes you through the history of the church and then through their doctrines in comparison to scripture.

I think you will find it fascinating and I pray that God will open your eyes as He is doing for so many Adventists. Adventism was born of strange cultish New England Millerism--just as the Jehovah's Witnesses were. It was a time of fanaticism--like Transcendentalism, Mormonism, Spiritualism. Adventism came from and out of a very shameful spiritual experimentalism of the early 19th century.

Let me know what you think of the book. God bless,
Teresa Beem

Tom said...

I am sorry to hear that you had difficulties with teachings of the Adventist church. I would disagree with you about your linking it with shameful religious experiences of which there were many more than you listed. I am aware that there are persons in the church who misuse writings of Ellen White and damge has been done by them. However I consider myself a Christian first and folllow teachings that I can clearly understand from the bible. I have explored the possibilities of being mistaken about the sabbath or 4th Commandment inasmuch as this teaching alone seperates Adventists and others from the predominant Christian churches. The more I have studied though has firmly established my belief that this is correct and that Sunday keeping is from man and not from God.I have seen many attempts to prove that the Sabbath is no longer valid but when I weigh those arguments against the reasons for ,there is no contest,God's word written in stone by His very finger trumps those flimsy excuses.
I am sure that the book you mention is well written but does it also include the shameful history of the Catholic church during the dark ages and the days of the protestant reformers.
Don't get me wrong. I believe that most Catholics today are Christian and are not responsible for the actions of their predecessors. Many moral teachings I accept and I applaud the church for taking that stand. I however must follow and stand on God's scriptures and reject those things that are doctrines of men. I am sure that you can find many things from Ellen White that are hard to understand, but I only accept what supports the scripures, regardless who wrote them and not the other way around.
I pray that you continue your search for knowing God better and not locking yourself into an intracible position. Blessings Tom

Teresa Beem said...

Catholics wrote, translated, protected and defended the Bible with their lives. It is because of these things Protestants can have a Bible to misunderstand today. Catholics believe the Bible is the Word of God and their beliefs are found there.

However, I cannot say the same for Protestants.
They tried to destroy the Bible by taking out many different books and retranslating it shoddily and so often that often the original meaning has been altered.

There is NO where in scriptures Sola Scriptura or Sola Fide can be found.

Believe me, Tom, I sympathize and understand exactly where you come from. I once was a passionate Adventists like yourself. I did not misread Ellen's writings. All you have to do is read them and compare them with scriptures and they fall.

I am afraid you have been deceived my dearest brother in Christ. The Adventist doctrines of Sabbatarianism, Investigative Judgement and the last days is a very dangerous heresy, but it is not new. This same heresy has popped up several times in Christian history with the Judaisers and Montanists and Ebionites. The devil does not use new tactics, he just reuses old.

I implore you to read our book and do not be deceived. Ellen White was a false prophetess and although I kind of sympathize with her because I believe she really believed she was having visions, she was used by the people around her--in a sad and freakish way--in order to establish yet another American 19th century movement.

Please read Galatians 6 where it talks about who will NOT be in heaven... and notice it says those who create factions in the church. Take this seriously my brother, very seriously. It does NOT say those who don't worship on Sabbath, but what it DOES say is those who create sects, denominations, movements---FACTIONS!!

The body of Christ is ONE and should not be broken up by little self-proclaimed "remnant" who wish the end times prophecies to be all about them.

God bless and I pray He will open your eyes,