Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Adventism Creeping into my Catholicism?

The Adventist Church is a bit of a drama queen.
I had friends in the little Adventist town of Keene, Texas who told tales of gas chambers being secretly built nearby, readying for the imminent one world order and Sunday laws! You see the Apostates--false Christians who worshipped on Sunday (lead by the Catholic church)--were about to vote for laws that ALL people MUST go to church on Sunday or they will be persecuted or even given the death sentence. These conspiracy theorists were ripe with warnings that Sabbatarians need to be prepared to march into these Americanized death camps rather than worship on any other than God's holy day--Saturday.

Even though I didn't buy into that one, as an Adventists I was taught to see a last-day correlations with every major news event, be it war, rumors of war, earthquakes, tsunamis, etc. We were perpetually on red alert for the Christian terrorists who were lying in wait to release the powers of hell upon us, just because we had the testimony of Jesus and kept the commandments.

I was so relieved to study Revelation as a Catholic and discover that it is very possible the book is mainly historical. At the very least I didn't have to worry about becoming a martyr for the Sabbath anymore. Whew....

However, maybe I was a bit premature in assuming the world was now a lovely place for Christians. Or maybe it is some latent Seventh-day Adventist paranoia bubbling to the surface.

The news is full of stories about Christians being martyred in China and Turkey and other countries. (Hasn't that been happening forever, though? No worries about the land of the free and home of the brave, right?) Yet I am discovering that even in America if traditional Christian values are publicly spoken, the person or church is accused of being a bigot or hatemonger or intolerant or simply stupid. There is a rapidly growing pressure to keep one's views to oneself if you are a Christian.

If you speak about traditional Christian values that were held for two-thousand years, you are dismissed as a radical. You are laughed at, you are scorned, people flee from your side--even Christians!

Even among Catholics I am finding myself alone in believing what Catholicism teaches.

Can it be possible that those who live by and teach orthodox Christian morals will end up being thrown in prison? Wow... I sound so Adventisty. What a drama queen that still lives in me.....