Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Priests Going Rogue and Prayer For Our Bishops

I love being Catholic. 

That is because I love doctrine. I really don't get too upset about hypocrisy and people failing to live up to the things they believe are true. I don't look to people. 

To me, perfect doctrine, perfect TRUTH paints a picture of who Christ is and helps me to worship and know Him. Doctrine is my way of having a very close relationship with Jesus. Therefore, I love religion and its doctrine. I love a community of believers no matter how rotten, hypocritical, asleep, unrepentant and weak they are. They are my Christian family. I truly love religion and all its rites and rituals that God set up for us through our leaders! So what if we fail to be perfect. Let's all just keep walking together towards perfection!

(Here's just a glimpse of perfection. Just thought I would throw it in for.... inspiration.)

Therefore I am not spiritually ruffled by bad Catholics. 

And here's the big huge.... EXCEPT. And now I will complain, but for a moment:

I have been grieving since Sunday over what I see more and more occurring in my beloved Church! This is just the latest of a growing list of things my husband and I have been witnessing in Catholic Churches across the nation. 

Since our priest was on vacation, a fill-in priest came and gave the mass. During the homily, he calmly told the parishioners that a group of "celibate, old men" had no authority to make rules for married people. He
described a man who, after a divorce, committed suicide because he could no longer receive the Eucharist. (I think the guy was contemplating remarriage or something like that... the priest was mumbling at this point.) Then, very clearly, he told anyone sitting there who had been denied communion because of a divorce to come and receive the Eucharist. 

After church in the foyer a lot of people had the shocked look of, "did he just say what we think he just said?" Others were just livid..."YEAH!! HE DID!!" 

To make absolutely certain that the priest didn't misspeak (or was on some type of medication) my husband followed him back privately and asked him to clarify. Well, the priest felt free to become emotional and with scorn told my husband that the Curia was the group of those "old, celibate men" who had no right to make any rules that deal with marriage. Then he began to list all the Catholic abuses of power including the idea of mortal sins. He, point blank, told my husband that there was no such thing as mortal sin. 

Well.... I need to take a breath here and finish. 

I have repeatedly written bishops when priests seem to go rogue. I did this time too. 

Instead of just becoming discouraged, I have started a page of prayer for our bishops. It's rough out there.
We need to be holy for our bishops and pray for their courage to fight for the faith at this time. Please join me. Click the link below: