Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Joy of Catholic Media

The depth of Catholic understanding of both life and the scriptures is infinite. I thought as a Protestant I knew scriptures. And believe me I did. (Or so I thought in comparison to other Protestants.) My friends, who were always among the most highly educated--you know, with more letters after their names than in them--were always amazed at my knowledge of scripture. I could win ANY bible trivia game and did so on many occasions when I would play my university-student friends (who had WON their own College Bible Bowls.) I had read through the Bible so many times that I literally had worn several Bibles out. I was very proud of this fact--as you can see!

So, when I was studying Catholicism, I was a bit cocky. On my first visit to see a priest I mentioned the Nephilim of Genesis.  ("Oh, Father Ernst--YOU DON'T know about the Nephilim---snicker, snicker--well, let ME a Protestant enlighten you about the mysteries in scripture....") Over the next year of RCIA I was given a big smack right in the pride department. Now don't get me wrong--it wasn't RCIA. They didn't even talk about the Bible at all--these were lay Catholics--hardly what I would call knowledgeable of scripture. Again when the Archbishop came to class and bet us all that no one could answer this question: What was another name in the OT for Mt. Sinai?" I rolled my eyes and whispered sardonically under my breath... "Sheesh, let me know when you have a hard one...." Like Leave it to Beaver's Judy, I stuck my hand in the air and casually through out, "Mt. Horeb" and gave a smug smile at the class.

During RCIA I started reading Catholic writings: St. Augustine, the Catechism, Chesterton, Muggeridge, the Catholic Encyclopedia.... dozens and dozens.

Yikes. Slap, pride started to deflate......

In the end, I wept for joy! There is no humiliation so deeply soul-satisfying as knowing you don't know it all!! I found myself surrounded by saints and inspired writings that dwarfed my grandest spiritual thoughts. The Catholic knowledge of Christ and His great mysteries of faith stunned me and sent me reeling. There is something out there-- a mystery--a gorgeous epic of breathtaking glory that begins to unfold and it never ends. The Catholic church is an inexhaustible ocean of new heavenliness to explore.... You think you have reached the end of one thought, one tiny little doctrine or tradition, just to find that it opens a door to an unexplored universe of understanding. Catholic faith is ever expanding, a cosmos of truth that rather than inhibits, unlocks and displays love that literally overwhelms you. At times I have to pull back from the overstimulating phenomenon of it all and take a rest! Our bodies are simply not capable of holding such exquisite, almost painfully exquisite, thoughts for too long. But they are a taste of what we will fully experience when our bodies are perfect.

Would you like a taste of this glory?

Watch or listen to archived programs of Mother Angelica, Father Groschel "Sunday Night Live", The Journey Home, Threshold of Hope, EWTN live, The World Over....

Get a membership to and watch "The One True Faith" "Basic Training" or anything there--just keep in mind it is for Catholics who have left the church or are not living the faith so Michael Voris can sometimes come across a bit strident.

Listen to EWTN Catholic Radio online:

Read: The Privilege of Being Catholic
           How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization
           Upon This Rock
           Mary, Mother of the Son series

Keep watching and reading till you get it--it takes time --SIX years for me. At first it seems strange, weird, even against God. You will have to jettison any pride you have. These may offend you, hurt you, anger you--but in the end, you will bless me for suggesting them to you.

Catholicism is a taste of heaven, because it brings us to Christ and His kingdom.

"Lest you become as a little child you will in no wise enter the kingdom...." Pray that our Lord will show you the great and glorious mysteries of the Catholic faith. Once you get past the shock that you have been lied to about what Catholics believe and open your heart to humbly receiving the truth...... don't say I didn't warn you..... You are in for an experience you never expected...