Monday, October 12, 2009

Now, About my Mom...

The last post was about my dad, so this one will be about my mother.

We were talking yesterday and she, being a Seventh-day Adventists, decided that it was terrible that the family was being torn apart by different beliefs. So I was amused at her solution:

We all start a new church and call it Cathadventism or Cathventism.....
We would take the doctrines we like out of Adventism and Catholicism and put them together and build a little chapel on their land and we can all worship together. Problem solved, unity achieved. I laughed, only she was serious. She compromised greatly by saying that we could ditch the SDA prophetess Ellen White as long as we attend services on Saturday. The Saturday Sabbath is something she could never give up for anything or anyone. She's okay with Mary, Penance, Confession... so we could include those things.

When I realized that she was being serious, I didn't know what to say. She was, after all, being very sweet and wanting unity between us!

There is truly a great difference in Catholicism and Protestantism. Protestants believe that if you don't agree with others about your beliefs, just start a new denomination! Make everyone happy about what they believe no matter what truth is.

If there is anyone out there who would advise me on what to say to my mother about this, she has an attention span (with religious topics) of about 90 seconds.... I would be so grateful. I am still a baby Catholic and sometimes I feel like I don't really know enough to give authentically "Catholic" answers!


Shepherd said...

Hi Teresa, I would email or mail her 44 pieces of scripture, one per day = 44 days. That would deal with her attention span of 90 seconds. Each card would end with a personal message from you.
I can attach those text proving the Apostolic Church: John 21 : 22 if I want him to remain till I come…feed my sheep
26) John 21:25 Jesus did many more things..books to the end of the earth
27) Acts 1:4 Wait for the Holy Spirit for the congregation
28) Acts 1:14 Blessed Mary and Apostles in constant prayer
29) Acts 1:26 Peter appoints Mathias #12 Apostle
30) Acts 1:1-4 Pentecost 3000 tonges spoke foreign languages
31) Acts 2:14 Peter first great speech Holy Spirit.
32) Eph 2:19. You are the house foundation are Apostles whose cornerstone is Christ Jesus.
33) Acts 2:44, 4:32. First Church community sell all possessions, poverty, Chastity, and obedience
34) Sirach 45:22 Aaron priest no land, Lord in heaven is his inheritance
35) Acts 2;46 Daily worship till today. (Ex 29:42)
36) Acts 6:5 select treasury for widows fund. Stephen first Martyr
37) Acts 9:15 Saul-Paul recruited , my instrument for the gentiles
38) Acts 9:27 Paul induction into the Apostles by Peter.
39) Acts 9:32 Peter in leadership role
40) Acts 11;26 believers are first called Christians
41) Acts 15:1 First council circumcision Sabbath) Jno 16:12 Holy Spirit guidance
42) Acts 15:7 Peters decision letter from James to Gentiles, no pre-conditions
43) Acts 16:1 Paul recruits Timothy
44) Acts 20:7 Sunday worship.(.Jno 8:54 if I praise myself count for nothing) Jesus 7 appearances after resurrection divine significance.
45) Acts 28:17 Tradition 2 Thes 2:15 stand firm hold the tradition that we taught you.
46) Heb 9:12 He entered once and for all into this sanctuary….9:15 his death made atonement for sins committed under the old testament..etc
God bless

Hugo Mendez said...

Hm... invite the family to attend Sunday vigil mass (Sat. 4, 5, 6pm) together....? It'd be on Sabbath hours. Or have a family worship service/bible study Saturdays and fulfill Sunday obligation the next day?

She has an interesting solution, though your life would be incomplete without the sacraments (for which you would need a priest). You'd have to be integrated into the Church.

...I mean, I can't even imagine some of the compromises she is prepared to make. But if it means something to her, you might consider it all.

Teresa Beem said...

Thanks for the responses. As sweet as she is being, my mother is suggesting starting a NEW church--that is the last thing on earth I would do. So I have to reject the idea. However, I do think I could incorporate both of your suggestions. I will try and send her some Catholic literature like the 44 days and it is possible I could get her to attend Sunday vigil--since that is on Sabbath.

But start a church called Cathventists.... that is amusing.

freddie said...

Well, so interesestin, I mean the desire of your mum in trying to share such important thing like faith with you; I do believe this is the very first step towards Unity.
I would only recommend you to pray for your mum, to pray that this division will not surge to a personal division, and let her understand that there won't be any problem amongst the two of you if you have different believe. Love and Charity first of all, you can not say we are Jesus's follower if we create division with other people because of faith.
I do like your blog
God bless you

Shepherd said...

Hi Teresa, I have another idea, that is working for me.
Have Mom read Jn 6:53.. unless you eat...
You will have to do the first reading.
Keep reminding her to read this text daily, backed up by 1 Cor 11:26.
Then lay out a Challenge to privately visit that very same Eucharist with you in adoration telling her she could get a message, no telling what it could be.
Her curiousity will be peaked, she may take you up on that challenge, leave the rest to the HELPER.
God Bless you and MOMs