Thursday, November 5, 2009


Does anyone love this station as much as I do?
I would send a Protestant wanting to learn about Catholicism to it in a heartbeat. I cannot get it through cable in my area, but I can get it online.

I love "The Journey Home" and "Mother Angelica Classics." But there is no one as wonderful as Father Groeschel's "Sunday Night Live." I love that they put out a program on G.K. Chesterton and on Saturday night they play the old "Live is Worth Living' with the flamboyant Bishop Sheen.

I don't have as much time to watch as I used to, but I always try and at least watch "The World Over" which is a news format on what is going on in the church--and it is usually the archived version I end up watching.

I think it is a great tool to accompany anyone entering the RCIA. Anyone out there fans of EWTN?

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Hugo Mendez said...

I enjoyed the Journey Home on my path to Catholic faith...They have some neat documentaries as well.

Perhaps most of all though, I LOVE the live coverage of world Catholic events (Mass at St. Peter's; World Youth Day, etc.)