Thursday, November 12, 2009

I am drinking God's Coffee!

Just when I didn't think it could get any better....

Catholic monks perfected Champagne,
Catholic monks were world renown for beer,

And now I am sipping COFFEE made by Carmelite Monks from Wyoming.

My online purchase came to me with greetings in bold letters, "Hello, Praise be Jesus Christ!"

So, here I am. I'm sitting in front of my computer reading the catechism 843 that talks with so much love and hope for our dearest fellow humans who Buddhists and Hindus.... who are "search, among shadows and images, for the God who is unknown yet near since He gives life and breath and all things and wants all men to be saved."

AND sipping my coffee from the monks.... I can see my dearest Mt. Rainier peeking ever so slightly out of the clouds into the mid-afternoon rays. My husband is smiling and all I find joy in knowing that I am in the Kingdom of God, the Catholic church. Where the coffee is very good.

If you are interested in helping the monks make a living at making great coffee, the company is found online and it is called Mystic Monks Coffee (NO I do not make any money from advertising!)


Hugo Mendez said...

Haha, it's an Adventist residue, yes, but I still don't drink coffee.

Alcohol in moderation, yes. Coffee and caffeinated soft drinks, no. Meat, no.

Who knows..

Teresa Beem said...

How funny Hugo!

I haven't eaten pork for the same reason. I was vegetarian but then I got a good steak at Ruth's Chris and now I feel like singing Dr. Doolittle's song about vegetarianism:

"I'm a cheat, I like meat!"

So anyway, PETA would still consider me part of their team I eat meat so infrequently. But I drink YUMMY HOT delicious coffee every morning and thank God for it!!

Mike Senseney said...


I have to say that you two are good role models for me! Over the years I have enjoyed much of the bounty from God's creation.

From cicadas in the field, through animals in the barnyard and throughout the woods, through swimmers and crawlers in the ocean and even to outer space.

I enjoy coffee by the bucketfull,
Beer by the barrel,
and the occasional Churchhill or Torpedo,
both natural and maduro.

However, as I age, I find myself slowly drifting back toward an "Adventist diet". And if I had it all to choose from again knowing what I know now, I still wouldn't trade either end of the "eating spectrum" since I love both.

But the one thing I noticed as an Adventist, which has not changed over the years at least to my knowledge, is that even the most healthy individuals return to dust. Sometimes before, and sometimes after even the most unhealthy individuals.

I saw some pound bags of "Monk's coffee" in the gift shop at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in D.C. the other day, but passed on buying some.

Based on your review Teresa, I think I'll pick some up now for the holidays!

Enjoy life and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!!

God bless all!!!

Teresa Beem said...

So far we have only tasted one kind--there best seller--can't tell you what the name is at the moment. But I like really strong coffee so I just put more in than I regularly do of Starbucks. I also GREATLY recommend getting a grinder and grinding your own each morning.

While Ellen White was in America criticizing everything from coffee to mustard (and of course that sexually stimulating meat!) a female doctor from England was doing scientific research on coffee and found that it is only when coffee sits after being ground that it quickly degenerates into chemical hell. If you grind and immediately percolate and drink it, it really is GOOD for you.

Mike Senseney said...

I too love strong coffee and we have been grinding our beans for a long time now. My daughter worked at a local independent coffee shop for a few years while in high school and we had access to some great beans!

Here's a link to the National Shrine's gift shop and the coffee they these look familiar to the one you purchased?

Monk's coffee online

Meat wasn't the only thing she warned against. Don't forget how eating eggs would lead one into personal depravity.

That coffee actually has some good qualities about it has come out in research. I read an article that it is very helpful in preventing skin cancer.

Now this is purely anectdotal, but when I was a kid I swam competitively on a swim team for many years. Back in the 60's I don't think anyone knew what sunblock was, and being out in the sun at the pool everyday during the summer usually led to parents rubbing baby oil all over their kids so they could get a healthy tan...much like rubbing butter all over a piece of meat you are going to fry I suppose.

Well, a couple years ago, I had what appeared to be a melanoma develop on my leg. It was removed, and it was just on the verge of turning malignant. Now I have consumed much coffee in my adult life, and while I don't know for sure if that helped prevent a serious melanoma or not, I have always wondered.

God bless all!!!

Teresa Beem said...

Yes! Mystic Monk is the brand. I will try the dark roast and get back to you.

I grew up with a pool and my mother basically sent all six of us outside to swim all day long during the summers. We all prided ourselves on our exotic, dark oily tans. So, yeah, I have been expecting to find all kinds of problems with my skin because of that.

So, better drink some more coffee!!


Mike Senseney said...

Hi Teresa,

Well it is good to know that there aren't a multitude of different "Monk coffee" producers...I'd never be able to keep up. I think I'm going to work my way through all the different blends they offer...I will keep you posted! If it's as good as Trappist style ales... well... Good Morning!!!:)

I got into home brewing back in the mid 90s, and have brewed some delicious Trappist style ales over the years...and now coffee. Here's a big THANK YOU shout out to the monks!!!

On a seperate topic Teresa, am I correct to understand from your conversion story that you were part of the committee that developed SDA guidelines on abortion in the early 90s?

I entered into a period of correspondence with the Columbia Union regarding abortions in the D.C. area SDA hospitials around that time.

I saved all the correspondence between me and the Union and General Conference presidents at that time. If you are interested in seeing that correspondence, I would be more than happy to make copies of it all and mail it to you. Nothing spectacular, but it is intesting as to how they responded as the facts progressed.

If you would like to see it, just shoot me an email (my email address is in the link when you click on my name here on the post), and I'll send it to you!

Take care, God bless you and your witness for God's Church, and keep the coffee hot and flowing freely!


God bless all!!!

Teresa Beem said...

I would absolutely love copies of that correspondence!
Send me a email at and I will get my address to you!
Thanks and God bless,

Mike Senseney said...

Will do Teresa! I'll send you an email tomorrow. Have a good night!

God bless all!!!