Friday, April 30, 2010

The Joys of the Communion of Saints

Jesus love me this I know.....

As I was talking to Mary and Peter this morning, they told me they loved me too.

You see, Jesus has lavished us with saints in heaven who, through Christ, love us as He loves us.

If you are ever feeling down or unloved or unlovable, just keep this in mind:

The Father loves you,
The Holy Spirit loves you,
The Blessed Lord,  Jesus Christ loves you,

Our Blessed Mother, Mary loves you,
Our Blessed Joseph loves you,
St. Peter loves you,
St. Paul loves you,
St. James loves you,
St. Andrew loves you,
St. John loves you,
St. Matthew loves you,
St. Mary Magdelena loves you,
St. Stephen loves you,

The list goes on forever. Right now, besides a special guardian angel who is sent by God to love and protect you, to serve you and draw you to Him, you have a heavenly host, a saintly throng in heaven who do nothing but pray for you and love you and draw you to Him.

As a Catholic I now understand that I can talk to them, have  relationship with them. They are not dead but more alive than I am--than YOU are!! They are in heaven and are closer to God. They are perfected and we can draw from their strength, their holiness, their faith and their love.

What a MIGHTY God we have to give us a endless fount of family who love us!

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