Friday, November 5, 2010

The Bible: A Brief History


Singer Songwriter said...

I haven't watched the videos yet, but I was wondering how you would deal with the charge that the other books, ie tobit, macabbees etc, have odd writings in them that talk about witchcraft etc.

Teresa Beem said...

Jacob used a type of strange potion or old wives tale to get his sheep to breed. Joseph used a divining cup. Saul went to a witch.

With the exception of Tobit, these stories are not particularly approved of by God. However, Jesus himself used the earth and elements to heal--water, clay mixed with His spittle.

There is a difference in magic used by the dark forces that are against God and God using His material world for His purposes.

I think Raphael in Tobit was doing what God wanted him to do. Tobit's analysis of it might not have been purely the right way to write it. But both the Protestant and Catholic Bible have witchcraft, sorcery, etc in them. (God just says the miraculous should come through HIM, not His enemies.)

Singer Songwriter said...

Thanks Teresa