Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Michael Voris in the new CIA Episode.

Anyone have any comments? As a newbie, I am just watching and wondering.....

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Lisa Graas said...

I'm going to try to watch that this evening. Meanwhile, some are not very happy with Mr. Voris. I tend to think he's an asset to the world of Catholic apologetics, but others seem to disagree.

Teresa Beem said...

One of the reasons I became Catholic is because they are absolutely counter-cultural and their teachings are about God's sovereignty and obedience to Him.

Why be Catholic if you are pro-choice, pro-contraceptives, pro-tolerant of anything the culture is tolerant of, when for two millennia your church has preached that something is a sin?

If tolerance is your highest virture, there are lots of Protestant churches out there who you would fit right in with.

I don't get it.

Michael's approach is needed, just as softer approaches are needed. Some people require fire under their feet, while others are in desperate want of throwing themselves into the arms of Jesus' tender mercy and falling apart. Those people are not going to be helped by Michael because he is calling us to pick up our swords for the spiritual battle and some people just aren't there yet. To them, Michael is either overwhelming or too negative. I personally couldn't have taken his message after leaving Adventism and was beginning to look into Catholicism. His light was too bright for a life that had been in darkness....

Yet for most...

His voice is a cry in the desert of a very wicked and stubborn culture. His is a very masculine appeal and I think men will flock to His message because it is not a sticky sweet I'm okay-you're okay approach. For Christian men, he is a total Godsend.

My only fear is that, for Protestants interested in Catholicism, seeing the turmoil inside the church will discourage them.

But for me NOW (almost 2 years since being confirmed), I have learned a tremendous amount from being a premium subscriber to RealCatholicTV. The Shadow Priest is fabulous! (Would love to kiss his hand one day. He is the softer side, perfect for someone like me who needs constant encouragement...)

Simon Rafe has some programming too--they are usually short, but excellent! And he is just a nice guy!

And --The One True Faith-- (When you have fallen in love with the Church and recognize it as the church Christ started...) Is FABULOUS for learning about the mysteries of Catholicism. Between EWTN and St. Michael's ministries who produce RealCatholicTV, I just love being Catholic more and more! And my understanding of Christ is deepening to places I never thought possible.

Thanks for the comment Lisa. Those are my thoughts, but since I don't know a lot of Catholics, I would love to hear theirs on the subject.

God bless us everyone!

Paul Mallinder said...

I had been following The Vortex for a few months. I have stopped watching because the content is much the same. It is constantly polemic against the Church hierarchy and has little Good News. It is full of anger and bitterness and that rings alarm bells for me.

Teresa Beem said...

If all I ever watched was the Vortex I might agree. IF there is as big a problem as Michael says--which I honestly don't know, I don't know a lot of Catholics, then his staying on top of things and blowing the whistle is needed for the bishops themselves.

Then we have to ask if his ministry is working..? Again, I don't know....

Whenever I need comfort I just turn on Father Groeschel or Mother Angelica on EWTN.

Personally, I need both. Someone to inspire me to greater understanding of the faith, and someone to lead me to Jesus' arms where I can shut out the world and its scary culture.

If you are ever interested, the premium subscription gets you a lot more than the Vortex. It is definitely more positive and pro-Catholic.