Saturday, November 27, 2010

Michel Voris and Real Catholic Television

If I could talk  to Michael Voris this is what I would say:
First off, I wish to thank you for your programing. It has expanded my love for my faith and Jesus Christ whom I have come to worship in such a deeper way  in the Catholic Church. For my husband and myself, we couldn't be more thankful because our RCIA classes just couldn't do what your premium channel has done with the "One True Faith" series as well as the other instructive programs.
Please don't take this as criticism in any way, for it is certainly not. (I usually brace myself for some "constructive criticism" when those words are written to me... but do not fear... I am not going to criticize.)
It is more than apparent that God has chosen you for the position of a modern-day Erasmus. (I would say Martin Luther for many of those reading, but I doubt Michael would take that as it was meant. Maybe he’d prefer a comparison to the prophet Jeremiah!) You have been called to a very, very difficult task--to rebuke the leaders of your church. 
Whew. What a position. You get the Devil trying to snuggle up to you on one side, because he will heartily use your words in fomenting hatred for the the Catholic faith. So you hear warnings from inside the church to shut up and sit down because you are hurting Catholicism and creating disunity. And there is some truth to that position. And you know it. And it can be REALLY confusing.
Then on the other side you have people who desperately need to hear your message because the CHURCH leaders are hurting the church and someone has to stand up and say what everyone is thinking or should be thinking. So you plead with the Lord  to show you if you are doing the right thing. Is my criticism hurting the faith more or will my criticism in the end hurt the faith less than the bishops and priests? (I am assuming I understand you and I may not...) 
However, usually those who benefit from your rebukes aren’t going to pat you on the back and thank you. They most likely resent your pointing to their faults. 
People in your position, Michael, often have great and agonizing debates within their spirits as to the validity of their calling. I would think, with the perspective of Catholicism where criticism of bishops and priests is taboo, it would be even more difficult to be confident of one’s vocation to be a voice crying in the wilderness. (not comparing you with John the Baptist--just using Biblical phraseology.)
It is heart rendering to stand and admonish those whom you love the most. Each word of criticism is arduous and you suffer as much to say it as those who hear it. (I am assuming you feel that way.)
Michael and Simon and those working at St. Michaels Media--you get bombarded on all sides from within and from without. Nobody can handle being in your position and being labelled the “bad guy” for long. 
To Everyone else: 
I encourage everyone: Catholic liberals, Catholic conservatives, Protestants and anyone else who prays-- to pray for Michael and those working at their ministry. 
If he is from the Lord, then we need to hear his message whether we want to our not. We need to pray for him to continue his mission without bitterness, without despair and without loneliness. We need to pray that our hearts are open to hear his reprimands and change. If his message is not from the Lord, then of course he also needs our prayers just as much.


lizaanne said...

Thank you Teresa - Simon is my husband, and I will be seeing Michael this evening. I'll take this to him, I know he will appreciate your comments. God bless, and keep fighting the good fight.

Teresa Beem said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe it. I am always just throwing stuff on here thinking I am speaking to my family. Now I am going to have to reread this and make sure it is not.... stupid.

Love your husbands programing.... and love his accent. Somehow it gives him more gravitas and I am not sure why! Anyway thanks. I'll be more careful about what I write on here. Someone besides my family is reading it..... I'm so flattered and a little embarrassed.

God bless,