Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Questions For Catholics

I am confused about something.

Coming from several years in mainstream Protestantism, most  ''saved" fundamentalist talk with casualness about their relationship with Christ. Their love and joy of being born-again is all over them with enthusiasm--which by the way, I believe is the number one reason Catholics are running into Protestantism.

My husband's godfather (sponsor) told us that he grew up when Catholics bowed their head at the holy name of Jesus and felt it was disrespectful to take the Lord's name on your lips unless it was said in complete sacredness. That was why I assumed that Catholics didn't constantly share all the things that Jesus did for them--like, "He sent me an apron that I wanted in the shop the other day!" and "He got me the best parking lot space at Wal-Mart." I actually am using examples I have heard.

So, I totally understand if we Catholics don't go around shouting "Jeeeezzuzzz SAVED me! Hallelujah!" like the televangelists with big gold cufflinks.  Ah! That always makes me cringe. Sorry Lord.

But then, since becoming Catholic, I have heard more Catholics remark with a cynical roll of the eyes, "Oh my God" over just about anything. Even a priest I know says it.  I asked a nun in that church why everyone took the Lord's name in vain, she told me that the priest said it was okay and that they don't teach (whoever she meant by "they") that saying "God" flippantly is a sin anymore.

So, what's the deal all you cradle Catholics? Did you just go from NEVER saying the name of Jesus lest He be offended and confusing all the Protestants about your lack of religious verve, to bursting through with saying it in anything BUT a religious, sacred context and CONTINUING to confuse your Protestant brothers with your lack of verbal respect?

It sounds like I am angry and complaining but I am not. This is a real, sincere question. Await your answers.

God bless.


Joe Heschmeyer said...

That's something that really bothers me, too. I never cease to be shocked by the flippant way people use Our Lord's name in vain, so I don't think you're alone on this.

My guess is that you're partially right: it's out of respect that Catholics typically avoid using the name of God. But this meant, as a practical matter, that if Catholics were using it outside of a religious context, it was probably because they were really upset. It's a practice I'd definitely like to see ended. I could use more open talk about what God has done for us, and an elimination of using His Name in vain.

Chiara said...

I'm so sorry that you've had to experience this. Taking the Lord's name in vain is most definitely a sin (Ten Commandments, anyone?), and I don't know what that priest and nun were thinking. Unfortunately, Catholic education is not what it once was, and many Catholics just kind of do what they want to do.