Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Predicting the End of the Word by Father Frank Pavone


I grew up in a sect called Seventh-day Adventists whose entire church was based upon a failed prophecy of the end of the world on October 22, 1844. This particular group of Millerite followers began to believe that the Millerite prediction had been misunderstood, just like Camping is saying now, that instead of the end of the world a judgment had come--just like Camping now! Weird to see first-hand how history repeats itself. Only this time the tragedy was contained. William Miller's 1844 prediction caused the Great Disappointment that ended up with death (both murder and suicide) and insanity as well as starvation for those farmers who didn't reap their harvest because they believed the Lord was coming. For newspaper scans of the Millerite Great Disappointment go to my other website:


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