Saturday, June 18, 2011

Former Father Corapi

I never watched him. I don't know who his is or anything... I have just been reading the blogs about him.

When I heard his audio leaving, I cried.

Being a new Catholic, I have no opinion about Corapi as a person or priest. But it still breaks my heart that we live in such corrupt society that:

1. Anyone can falsely accuse a priest and they can ruin another person's life with little consequence to themselves.

2. That we live in a time where priests are being convicted of living a life so out of step with their religious calling. (And the accusations turn out to be true.)

3. That we all feel we can judge Corapi when we don't know anything about it. And really, we can't expect him to be perfect. He has been traumatized and doesn't have a staff of writers to polish everything to be "perfect." Sorrow is hard to hide.... it comes out victimized, confused... and often embarrassing...

4. When no one judges anyone even when they openly live an immoral life. So if Corapi DID do what he was accused of, then he did the right thing by stepping down, but he shouldn't have then made himself a victim.

It is all confusing. I can understand anyone looking at the Catholic church and wanting nothing to do with her.

I am so very happy to be a Catholic despite the fact that 75% of Catholics don't attend church or know what they believe and divorce, abort and contracept and look no different from pagans. I am thrilled to be a Catholic despite the priests scandals and the inquisition and the millions they slaughtered because of religious intolerance (I know that didn't happen but perception is everything...) I am overjoyed to be a Catholic even though to the world we are nothing but a mess.... thanks to shepherds who have fallen from their religious responsibility and laity who could care less...

I am not Catholic because of people, I am Catholic because of the words of our Lord, "Upon this rock, I will build my kingdom and the gates of hell will not prevail against it." PETER WHERE ARE YOU? YOUR CHURCH NEEDS YOU! I am Catholic because I desire and love submitting to God's chosen authorities no matter how they fail to live up to their calling, for I submit not to man but to the Lord.

I hope Mr. Corapi remains faithful even under all the stress and the pressure will purge him, humble him and produce fruits of suffering that will turn out to the glory of God.

Mr. Corapi, do not let the gates of hell prevail against you....

Yes, I am rambling.....Right now, its too early to judge. Let's just pray....


The Lady Dragon said...

I have heard Fr. Corapi's sermons. They are all powerfully in keeping with Church teaching. Even in giving up his public ministry, Fr. Corapi refuses to enter into an adversarial position with the Church.

These two points alone cause me to trust that he is innocent.

Teresa Beem said...

I am getting rather perturbed at the bloggers over this subject. People going through a trauma don't look and act perfect.

Are we going to shoot our wounded?

I think we should just shut up and not judge the man until we get a fuller picture of it all. Even heaven has a moment of silence (Somewhere in Revelation...).

Everyone just HAS to put in their two-cents worth of criticism, and I don't understand it. We should be flocking around him (and the alleged victim) trying to help bring this to a closure that will embrace both in love, mercy as well as judgment. And judgment cannot be so quick or it will not be fair.

In the end, this CAN be for the glory of God, resolving it in a Christian manner shows the WORLD just how we love each other in Christ.....

Thanks Lady Dragon for your input... I prayed a rosary for him the minute I heard about it. God be merciful on us all...