Sunday, July 24, 2011

As a Bride Adorneth Herself For Her Husband....

Some examples of the casual dress at Sunday Mass in North Carolina.

 This is just to show that flip flops are very common, even among older people. 

You can't see it, but this shiny gold shirt, worn by an older woman in the choir, has a T back and she has on a black miniskirt. 
Jean shorts and tank top blouse, this is NOT a teenager but a woman in her late twenties, early thirties.

This woman, in her late thirties, is a bit casual for church. The spaghetti straps  probably would be better at a backyard picnic.

You can see women in capri shorts and sleeveless shirts. Not immodest, but for Sunday Mass?

Yes, she is a teenager, about sixteen, but her parents should not have allowed short, short jeans and a t-shirt.  
Another example of the casual dress; grown men without shirts tucked in and shorts. Fine for a baseball game, but what are we saying about our respect for the presence of Christ in the sacrifice of the Mass? 

Bishop Burbridge needs to see these pictures. These are pretty tame examples of what we have seen and are by no means the worst. We have seen many college age girls wearing short short jeans and t-back t-shirts with bra straps showing. Women with strapless towel material dresses, like beach wear. Flip-flops, common. Nice shorts on men, okay--but with t-shirts, or shirts not tucked in? This is not just about modestly, it is about what we are saying to the world and our children about the respect we have for Sunday Mass.

I am certainly not upset at these people or necessarily blame them. It is our Protestant American culture that does not have the real presence but only a symbol who have begun this trend in casual attire for church. And that is okay for them, because church is a symbol. However, for Catholics, no way. What are we saying when we come before the King of Kings and Lord of Lord to partake in the holiest act of worship, the holiest consummation of Christ and His Bride with such flippant and unconsidered attire?

Just one more picture to leave you with, an older woman and her daughter, just as they were leaving church.

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