Thursday, July 14, 2011

Climate Change and Christianity

[The Lord] is about to deprive Jerusalem and Judah of resources and provisions -- all reserves of food, all reserves of water-  of hero, warrior, judge ... People will be ill-treated by one another, each by his neighbor; the young will insult the aged, and the low, the respected. For Jerusalem has collapsed and Judah has fallen, because their words and deeds affront Yahweh and insult his glorious gaze. Their complacency bears witness against them, they parade their sin like Sodom; they do not conceal it, all the worse for them, for they have hatched their own downfall. ... O my people, their oppressors pillage them and extortioners rule over them! O my people, your rulers mislead you and efface the paths you ought to follow!       Isaiah 3: 1- 9 selected (NJB)

Global warming a myth? Who really knows. But for Christians convinced that they will plunge the world into a new ice age or scalded desert from drinking bottled water, take a look at this text. Maybe it is not our overuse of natural resources that is causing weather catastrophes. 

Sounds as if God takes away our resources, not because we don't separate our aluminum from our glass trash for recycling, nor from failing to compost for our organic gardens.

Could global warming be directly related to our complacency? Our sin? 

Perhaps the problem stems from that fact that we have disdained God's original command to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. Satan has twisted our science and used it to promote fear of overpopulation, defying God's instructions to procreate--so now we think we are doing the planet a favor by using contraceptives and murdering our children through abortion? 

The world is on the verge of collapse alright, but the earth is groaning and wrenching from its forced ingestion of toxic sin, not toxic waste. True Environmentalists need to break the yoke with which they have joined with Planned Parenthood and the radical left. If you want to save Mother Earth, love your neighbor, respect your parents, appoint judges who will bring justice, that our sins will no longer affront and insult our Holy God. The creation is crying out because of our sins, our complacency. The Creator is hearing..... 

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marco polo said...

simple great...! I have a special devoution to our Blessed Lady,so you know what i it!...thanks so much Teresa!!! love your courage and zeal...its beyond my understanding how did you arrive to all must've been the Holy Spirit!...there is no other way....