Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Fall of the Knights of Columbus

This is so disappointing to my husband and I. We were so looking forward to his joining the Knights soon.


M- said...

I wouldn't worry about this - Voris is probably just upset because the Knights are following the bishops' lead, and Voris just was forbidden from speaking in the diocese of Scranton.

Actually, I'd hate to think what would happen if the Knights leaders gave permission willy-nilly to whatever council wanted to say who is "Catholic enough" to stay in.

I mean, the councils could just wait in the confession line, and pop out rejection letters to any members there, haha :-)

Rejecting the Knights for this would be like disowning your father for not disowning your brother. The Knights haven't endorsed those candidates or anti-life positions in any way. But there's tons of proof daily of their pro-life and pro-marriage work.

And about the insurance - my dad got me Knights insurance when I was a kid, and I've kept it ever since. It's the only insurance company which refuses to invest in areas that go against church teaching (like embryonic stem cell research, etc). I can't always be sure where my money goes, but with them I know it's going to helping haiti orphans and things. Kinda gives a different spin on "life" insurance!

Teresa Beem said...

Thank you for your opinion. Being a newbie Catholic, it is so confusing to look at a worldwide church 2000 years old and try and understand it. It is good to hear another point of view. God bless, Teresa