Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thoughts on Father Pavone

Disclosure: I give thousands of dollars to Priests For Life....

Okay, here's what is fishy to me:

Why would the bishop of Amarillo, Texas encourage other bishops to speak against and defund Priests for Life if he was bringing back to his diocese the problem (Father Pavone)? Would he not rather just address his concerns to the bishops on the board of PFL and suggest a new priest to lead? Taking out the top guy and replacing him with a better financial manager and "less" full of himself would have solved the problem. Telling everyone to defund PFL would cause it to disintegrate. Sounds to me like that is his aim when you just read his letter to the bishops.

Will be keeping a close eye on Father Pavone. (Just like Father Corapi). Need the wisdom of Solomon here. If Father Pavone's main concern is the life of the unborn, he will willingly give up his baby rather than have it cut in half (ironic, isn't' it?) by his opposers. Let another priest take his position, at least while the organization is being reviewed and allow the movement to keep fighting. If he makes a stink and claims that he MUST be the leader and causes scandal because of his open defiance of the bishop, I am going to think we have another Corapi situation.

I am SO praying for everyone in this situation. I love that Operation Rescue is coming to the rescue of this priest. I hope this is all a deep misunderstanding and will soon be resolved to the glory of God. I have nothing but respect for Father Pavone and am pulling for him. 

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Nick said...

One site was suggesting this was done because the elections are coming up and the pro-death crowd wants to smear/wreck PFL so that it cannot fund ads and such.