Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Question For Protestants

If the Holy Spirit interprets scripture for us personally, why am I considered wrong for following the Holy Spirit into the Catholic Church?


Rickies Poems said...

I felt/feel the Holy Spirit was/is leading me into the Catholic Church, but I stumbled over Mary. I can't cope with the hyper dulia they give her. It is one step to far for me at the moment as far as I can see it, and no matter how hard I try and see it from a Catholic culture, I can't bring myself to accept their teachings on Mary

Quotes like this(see below) are particularly troubling to me. I have been discussing this with a few Catholics but none has yet gave me a satisfactory answer.

Pope Benedict XV said of Mary that “[O]ne can justly say that with Christ, she herself redeemed mankind.” [10] Pope Pius IX said, “Our salvation is based upon the holy Virgin... so that if there is any hope and spiritual healing for us we receive it solely and uniquely from her.” [11]

[10] In the Encyclical Intersodalicia (1918). Quoted in Donald G. Bloesch, Essentials of Evangelical Theology, Vol. 1, page 196.
[11] In the Encyclical of February 2, 1849. Quoted in Donald G. Bloesch, Essentials of Evangelical Theology, Vol. 1, page 196.

Also when Catholics get in trouble or difficulties they seem to turn to Mary first.. as even Pope John Paul was found to turn to Mary when he was shot.

Many on Catholic debates have no trouble telling me that they go to Jesus through Mary.. and to the Father through Christ.

The Holy Spirit surely does lead us, but will he lead us to believe a doctrine so fundamentally opposed to his God breathed Word.

I know the problem within Protestantism is every one claims to be led by the Spirit and are off down different Paths... but the paths don't differ as much as Catholics would have us imagine.(40,000) denominations, is not true.. as the truth is there is basically 5 major groups of Protestantism.

I must say I feel rather lost in this maze of Christianity. I hoped and thought Catholicism was the way out of it, but I am not so convinced as it tends to lead one to Mary rather than Christ as far as I can see at this point in time.

Surely there has to be an easier way. Maybe Protestants are right and it is all based on a personal relationship with Christ and the other doctrines maybe are not so important as long as your faith is in the Rock of scripture and in Him alone.

Following Him, will lead us home.. but I am not so sure about following any denomination now..Just lost my way with them all. :-(

How did you come to terms with Mary , Teresa, did it take you along time, or did it all just flow with the rest of Catholicism as one whole.. They are pretty convincing in most areas but with blessed Mary, I just think they went too far. way to far.

God bless.

Charissa said...

Amen!!! I have had the same thought before...

Teresa Beem said...

Well, I do think many Catholics take the Hyper Dulia thing a little far, but if you look into the Catechism, it is not emphasized as much as Catholics emphasize her as individuals. There is only a few paragraphs about her. You are left with four dogmas you must believe and I had to do a ton of studying about it to feel at peace.

In the end, Ricky, you have to say... well, even if the Catholic church is WRONG about Mary, they do have the keys to the Kingdom via Peter and have God's authority to bind and loose, so if they bind something to us that isn't exactly right, then it will be on their heads not ours in judgement.

We will be judged faithful in obedience to God's holy church even if they got a few things wrong.

If your father had taught you it was a sin to drink cola (as many of the SDA fathers taught) and even though it wasn't a sin, you followed your father's authority and obeyed, then you will be honoring God by obedience to your father EVEN when he is wrong.

There is a lot of merit in obedience in a situation where you are being in a sense "punished unjustly" and you still take it knowing that you are doing the right thing, NOT in disobedience but in obedience to something to a faulty authority. It happens ALL the time on a family level. I am sure you Ricky have made some wrong calls as a father.

Your children STILL please God when they obey you in your imperfection. I think we can plausibly give that same example to the Catholic Church.

Now as far as Mary, there are a few things I want to bring up:

1. God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus all honored Mary. "Hail Mary" is a royal title. The archangel was sent by God Himself to honor Mary above all women. As a matter of fact Mary said, "ALL generations shall call me blessed." Look around at the denominations that give her NO honor! That is in MORE error than those who give her too much.

If your wife and children fawned all over your mother, giving her flowers and poems daily because they were so happy she gave birth to you, would that offend you? I doubt it....

2. Mary takes the place of the Queen Mother in the paradigm of the Davidic Kingdom. The Kingdom that God brought in fulfilled the promise to David. So therefore, Mary is honored as the Queen Mother.

I can't imagine an Israelite coming before King David and just passing his mother up, sitting right next to him on a throne without bowing to her also and giving her honor. That is how Catholics think about it.

I can understand it looking very strange and foreign to our 21st c. Western culture that honors no one.

Rickies Poems said...

Thanks for your reply Teresa, I will pray about this.

Charissa said...

There is a good book called "Hail, Holy Queen" by Scott Hahn that really helped me a lot with that. He is a convert, so he is really good at explaining things in simple terms. He does cite the CCC on some things, but he uses a LOT of scripture to show why she holds the place she does in the Church. He uses mostly scripture to make his points, knowing that a lot of his readers are converts or people who believe in sola scriptura. It is a great book!

Teresa Beem said...

The Scott Hahn book is good. I would in addition add a trilogy written by Mark Shea called Mary, Mother of the Son (three volumes). But they are short and very easy to read. He builds quite the case in them.