Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Week of Free Promotional Videos from Real Catholic TV

Michael Voris has done more to educate our family about Catholicism than pretty much every thing else we've studied--such as books, Catholic DVDs, RCIA, etc. (With the exception of Chad Mackins and David Brokke--who spent years online debating the faith with us!)

Real Catholic TV--the premium channel--has so many excellent programs--not just for entertainment purposes but for people who truly want to understand Catholicism. For those of you who are sick of television and want to be fed the Word of God and learn about the Mother Church, this is highly recommended. EWTN.com is wonderful too--and I would feel horrible not to recommend them, but they are a more feminine view of Catholicism, Michael and Real Catholic TV builds up the masculine side. It is resetting the men as protector of their own families and the church families. It re-establishes the God-given priestly position of the male. My husband and our two boys are becoming the strong, powerful, understanding and intelligent men of God they were meant to be. As as their wife and mother, I feel more feminine and loved than I ever did before. I LOVE IT!

Watch these promo videos for a taste and then subscribe to the internet channel: Realcatholictv.com

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Armor of God

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