Friday, June 1, 2012

Abortion for Sex Selection Bill....

America is pro-life. The pro-choice defenders are now in the minority.

And yet a HUGE majority of our House representatives voted against a ban on sex-selection abortions last night. Crazy...

If we cannot get any legislation through congress that bans abortion on the basis of sex selection, then I just don't know how we will ever reverse this trend. We no longer have a representative government, we have dictators in DC.

I honestly look at our country and do not recognize it anymore. And I grew up in the crazy 1970's. Back then, though, adults looked at our teenage music preferences, our drug culture and sexual revolution as a temporary blip on the screen and I know they thought we'd grow out of it. And some of us did, just not enough.

Those from my generation:

When you were in seventh-grade could you have imagined a world like this? Where more children are born out of wedlock than in a marriage, divorce, abortion..... Ah (I sigh) because I know there are people who think the general trend is better.... like less violence...

But it's all in your perspective. Our human mortality rate from unnatural death has never been higher. When 20% of our children are being scraped and sucked out of their mother's womb? We've never been this low as a society.

I'm tired..... I'm tired of fighting with a majority of people who believe the way I do and yet we can't get anything done.

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