Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cardinal Dolan and His Invitation to President Obama

I react too quickly and make judgement without the full information at times. And I did this time. I signed a petition to the cardinal asking him to disinvite our president to the Al Smith Dinner. I just read the Cardinal's response to the petition at the Catholic Bishops website and I just ate crow. He is right and I am wrong.

I want to publicly apologize because I publicly presented information that was not wrong but incomplete. And sometimes that last piece of the puzzle clears up the picture. I was wrong and I am not crying in sadness but in total delight. I am WRONG, thank God Almighty, I am wrong. The Lord on several occasions has shown me I can trust our bishops and I keep thinking I can't. Must be the Seventh-day Adventist in me somewhere still lurking. Or maybe I shouldn't blame them but my own lack of faith.

There is something wonderful about the Catholic church, confession, forgiveness and reconciliation. I wish I could apologize in person to the Cardinal, but I did write him an email.

THANK you Lord for showing me I was wrong.

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