Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why Many Catholics are... Rotten Catholics

This has bugged me, really bugged me since I began studying Catholic theology--way before considering becoming Catholic. .... Most Catholics are not religious or even moral people. At least my experience with them made me think this growing up.

As I was studying Catholic doctrine, and found it to be the most surprisingly astounding stuff I had ever encountered, it still dug at my soul. Why are Catholics, who have the Eucharist and have all this fabulous doctrine.... so.... against all I believe to be good and right? Why are Catholic girls the sluttiest? Why are they the ones getting divorced and remarried and feminists and pro-choice? Why do nuns today look like radical lesbians? Why do they promote Communism and Marxism?

Even though I had a limited experience with Catholics, the ones I did meet were scary! And not very nice.... and used the Lord's name in vain and cussed like a sailor and drank like a fish, etc... etc... etc.

RCIA did little to change my opinion, and my husband and I walked into Catholicism with love for the doctrines and our radar up against these reprobate Catholics.

So, through the years I pondered and prayed upon the subject. While I think I might have an answer to explain some of these people; the heretical priests and nuns--I'm still baffled.

My Answer:

I think the conclusion I am coming to is that Catholicism isn't something you add to your life, like a hobby or being a fan of a sports team. Catholicism fails utterly when it doesn't become who you are. It is a totalitarian belief system that takes control of everything or it is ineffective.

While Protestantism can succeed with a partial dedication to it, Catholicism collapses. Protestantism is malleable and personal, you can kinda make it up as it goes and decide for yourself; true Catholicism is a take it or leave it covenant. You are not being employed by God and if you don't like the working conditions--you can quit or just be lazy. Being Catholic means you are adopted as a child and can never renounce it. Well, technically, you can, but it is that type of commitment--there is no divorce between God and His Bride and those who wish to be His Bride are full time wives, not part-time help.

Kinda like being overweight. If you wish to be successful and lose weight, you can't have just a one morning a week health plan. Dieting once a week and eating what you want the other six days will get you no where. Your lifestyle has to change completely, every day.

Kinda like working up to running a marathon. You can't expect to make it and be a success if you only practice running once a week.

Catholicism is like that. Catholics who don't make it their life, who they are, live it moment by moment and have it permeate every thought and action--will eventually fail. Catholicism is not something added to you, it is who you are totally.

We can't be Christians one day a week, we have to let Christ be our dictator. We are to be utterly obedient to Him in every single aspect of our lives. We have to be "all out" for the Lord--reading scripture, daily prayer and communion with Him, researching our faith and living it in our actions. Those who have the mindset that it is a hobby, or something you advocate or cheer on like a favorite sports team-- will fail. They will never be the players but only the fans onlooking and shouting from the stands.

Christ demands that we die daily and live with Him, in Him. This is total devotion and obedience. Most Catholics don't make Catholicism their lives, even when they claim to be Catholic. They wear the team jersey, but don't play for the team.

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