Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Catholic Bishops in Baltimore


The Lady Dragon said...

He is a very shallow man. Jesus wasn't an economist. Neither was Paul. But if all the bishops do in their paper on the economy is remind us of the economic principles that Jesus and Paul taught, the Church in America will be better for it.

Teresa Beem said...

I just think Michael means that right now there are bigger fish to fry. He doesn't have a problem with them having a moral judgement, but why at this moment? Perhaps the bishops see the financial cliff and want to have an economic moral policy that deals with it. I don't know .... But it does seem to me that the bishops are scratching the wrong itch.

The Lady Dragon said...

The key here is listen to his tone of voice and his attitude. Then listen to Cardinal George and Cardinal Dolton. Which of them sounds more like the voice of Christ? Which of them communicate love?

It may not have been his intention, but he was very effectively doing two things, neither of which were good. First, he was tearing down the Church by making her bishops look useless and ineffectual. Second he was feeding that segment of Catholicism who is inclined to feel like they are more holy and more in tune with God than God's own hand picked shepherds are. Remember, it was opinions like his that led to sede vacantism and the Society of Pius X.

Not all bishops and cardinals are saints. Some in the course of history have been very wicked men. However for him to so arrogantly criticize the American Bishops with such a broad brush across the board . . . well, let's just say it puts off all kinds of warning bells and flashing lights in my heart.

Teresa Beem said...

As a Catholic who would reply "how high" to the bishops who said "jump" I do absolutely understand your comment. I pray for Michael daily BECAUSE of those same worries.

However, God does send us prophets to exhort us and if you look at the prophets of the old testament they were hardly nice men. Elisha rebuked a group of kids teasing them and bears came out and devoured them.

I travel with my husband all over the country for his work and I have been to many parishes and I can tell you something needs to happen. Catholicism is sleeping. Catholics voted this administration back into office and the HHS mandate is going to strangle us.

We need to keep an eye on both sides of things. I read the Huffington post as well as listen to liberal Catholics (heck, I go to a liberal parish!) We need Michael to give us balance.

I also spend a majority of my Catholic study with the Catechism and EWTN. We need to hear all sides. That's my take on it anyway.

I can't imagine Michael leaving the church. I think he would be the first to throw himself prostrate on the ground and weep if anyone were to leave the church because of something he said.

Having said that, I am watching him and praying for him.