Monday, March 4, 2013

My Thoughts During Sede Vacante, Day Four

It is extremely difficult to explain Catholicism, the real Catholicism, to a world drenched in media broadcasting every real and imagined Catholic corruption. With sexual scandal heaped upon sexual scandal in the priesthood, who the heck would want to become Catholic amidst all this? And how can we legitimately stand in front of lapsed Catholics and non-catholics, in the new evangelization, and ask people to join Christ's Bride and the Kingdom of Heaven when our leaders seem to be leading us all to hell?

We had enough to handle with external difficulties such as Catholic and Protestant theological communications to add to it internal dissent and wickedness. Are these priests and bishops aware of the fact that they are making it impossible to bring anyone into the faith? Or are they so fallen that this scandal was orchestrated by them to try and bring the church down? Is the church being led by extremely weak men or is this a massive conspiracy? Either way, they are making it near impossible to show the world the beauties of this great faith. They are causing a disastrous distraction to the mercy of Christ's cross. God help us!

All we can do as those within the Church is to pray that during this deeply distressing time, where it looks like Christ's Bride is being assaulted and beaten beyond human recognition by forces from without and within, that the Holy Spirit will grant the cardinals abundant wisdom to choose a hero for our times. That they will clearly see the crisis and who God chooses to lead us through it, a man who will drive the filth out of the Church as Christ drove the merchants out of the Temple with vigorous judgment and abundant mercy, with courage and wisdom, with superhuman grace. Let us pray diligently for our cardinals and those currently in RCIA that they will transcend human understanding and see the Church for who she is going to be as well as who she is.

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