Tuesday, July 2, 2013

VERICAST with Tim Haines

Can I just cry?
What? You three people who actually read this are going to be surprised? I weep over everything about God! You guys know that.

You see, I've only been a Catholic for a few years and they have been hard years. My husband is a travel nurse (yes, I am writing this in case someone outside my family might read this someday) and every three to six months we are back on the road to another city. I have been to a lot of Catholic parishes in the last five years. And most of them are not super conservative-friendly. 

But I knew that from the beginning.

My husband and my RCIA directors didn't even seem to want us in Catholicism. We were too conservative. They were sweet people, but RCIA seemed more like a pro-Democrat, de-conservative program. We were told we were of the devil for watching FOX news and the focus many Tuesday nights was on the plight of the illegal immigrants or how the church needed to be ecumenical or some other Catholic-lite subject. 

In most Catholic parishes the Protestant converts stick out and we find each other like magnets. We seem to be the only people who love what Catholicism teaches! Of course I'm exaggerating, because the Sunday masses are packed. But when you talk about Catholicism, Catholics would rather talk about football.

We converts whisper to ourselves about pro-life issues and how we love Michael Voris (shhhh, that really ticks off a lot of Catholics and we don't know why...) We giggle with love for the bishops and the priests and all the great traditions, as we are being eyed with suspicion by the Catholics who are fearing a former-Protestant takeover.

So when some angel posted Vericast on my Facebook wall, I just clicked without thinking. And I wept. Somebody actually loves the Catholic Church and is willing to say it aloud. Now I am totally going to hide behind Tim Haines and use him for my voice and occasionally stick my head out and point my finger at all you who dislike Catholicism and shake my head in agreement saying,"yeah"and then jump back behind Mr. Haines. 

He's a cradle Catholic and now nobody can say I just don't know what I am talking about, since I haven't been a Catholic all my life like they have. 

With watching Michael Voris and Tim Haines and Wilson O. and Scott Hahn and Marcus Grodi and Dave Armstrong and Patrick Madrid and Peter Kreeft and Father Mitch Pacwa one day I will be lethal.... 

For right now, I am just weeping and thanking God for Catholics who love being Catholic--like Mr. Haines.

Check Tim Haines out at Vericast

Vericast Youtube Channel

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Unknown said...

Dear Catholic Crusader,

The Roman Catholic Church claims that the Council of Trent was infallible. However, if it can be shown that they made even one factual error, the claim for infallibility falls to the ground and all Catholic doctrines fall right along with it. The Catechism says,
"Christ our Redeemer said that it was truly His body He was offering under the species of bread"
(CCC 1376).
No, he did not say any such thing.
Let's unpack this statement. We notice that there are three distinct errors in this one sentence alone! Jesus did not "say" that he was "offering" anything, let alone that the bread was "truly" his body.

Trent's first error was the brazen lie of telling us Jesus said something, when he didn't. What they did do is tell us what they THINK he meant and then quote him as if he had said so! This is dishonest. Such behavior would not be tolerated in any school of journalism, let alone are we to tolerate it coming from a self-proclaimed "infallible" church council. The second offense was asserting that Jesus was offering himself in sacrifice right there at the table, when the Text indicates no such thing. Trent teaches, "At the Last Supper, on the night He was betrayed [He] offered up to God the Father His own body and blood under the form of bread and wine..."
Reader, that is a bold-faced lie. Jesus offered up His body "on the tree", per 1 Peter 2:24...i.e., at the cross, no sooner and no later; and certainly not at the Last Supper, and definitely not at any Mass going on today. Awake! Jesus said he desired to eat the Passover "before I suffer" (Luke 22:15). That being so, he did not suffer and offer himself in sacrifice to God the Father at the dinner table before he went to the cross! Neither did the cup contain his actual blood. When we compare Scripture with Scripture (1 Cor 2:13) we notice that the "cup of the Lord" is compared to the "cup of demons" (1 Cor 10:21). Since demons lack actual blood, both cups must be symbolic and hence, the actual blood of Christ was not in the cup and Transubstantiation is a lie.

Their third offense was stealing the word "truly" from John 6:53 ("Truly, I tell you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man...") but irresponsibly transporting the word "truly" over to the Last Supper account, where he did not "truly" affirm that at all.

On page one of their decree on the Eucharist, Trent claims they are being taught by the Holy Spirit. However, Trent got it wrong! The Bible says, "When a prophet speaks in the name of the Lord, if the thing follow not, nor come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord has not spoken" (Deut 18:22). The same principle applies here.

Instead of letting the Bible breathe on its own, Trent has quoted Jesus out of context. Even if Transubstantiation were true, we are quite sure the Lord would not take kindly to putting words in his mouth. Need it be said that David required only one stone to kill Goliath? In like manner, all it takes is just one stone of error to classify Catholicism as counterfeit Christianity. By putting the word “truly’ into the mouth of Christ while claiming to be guided by the Spirit, they have "boasted of a false gift" [being] like clouds and wind with no rain (Proverbs 25:14). This means that the entire Roman Catholic faith is to be rejected per Deuteronomy 18:22 and Jeremiah 23:30-40, wherein it is promised that all false prophets who recklessly wag their tongues by claiming, “The Lord says”, (when the Lord did not say), will be cast out of his presence (cf. Jeremiah 14:14, 23:16-21).

We challenge you to refute this argument. And if you can't, the only option is to, "Come OUT of her my people, lest you share in her sins" (Rev 18:4).