Wednesday, August 21, 2013

David Fry, Jr. Requiescant in Pace Amica Mea.

Novels by David Fry about the End Times

This morning my faith flourishes. And I am broken with tears of gratitude to Jesus. Monday I prayed that when it was time for my uncle, David,  to be received into the arms of our Lord, that our Lady of Sorrows, the Blessed Mother would come and escort him to meet Our Great God. And last night, she did. 
Pie Jesu

Uncle David hasn't been suffering long, for he was diagnosed with an incurable and rare liver disease this year, at age 75. This particular disease usually strikes when someone is in their fifties, so God blessed David. He has only been in hospice a couple weeks with no pain. Now he will never know pain or suffering ever again. 

What a joy to know that he is in purgatory (or in heaven) his body sleeping peacefully here and his soul beginning eternal bliss. 

David wasn't perfect. Few of us are. But that is irrelevant, for Jesus was. And this morning my sorrow is mixed within an ocean of pure thanksgiving to the Father and Son and Holy Spirit. Jesus has given me joy for in my sorrow I am bursting with love for Christ for being my uncle's Savior. 

I can rejoice in the Savior of the World for He now has my uncle. By His death and resurrection, I can proclaim the mysteries of faith: "Dying You destroyed our death, rising You restored our life. Lord Jesus, come in glory."

We talk about salvation and see its earthly rites in baptism, but at this moment, the moment of death of our Christian loved ones, we see the miracle of the Cross through the eyes of faith. Here is where our faith meets reality, in the last breath as it ascends into heaven to be with Christ. As we see the earthly remains of our dearest loved ones and we cherish the knowledge that they have gone to a much, much better place. And we can be happy for them.
For David, 
May the angels lead you into paradise:

Holy Father, may my thanksgiving this morning ascend into heaven as an everlasting offering pleasing to you for holding my precious Uncle David in your care by virtue of Christ's infinite merits applied to his soul.  

Your love conquered death. Hallelujah! 
Please say a prayer for my uncle and thank you!

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