Monday, October 28, 2013

Duck Dynasty Christians

Stuck in a hotel, I flipped through the cable channels, disgusted with everything I saw.  Accidentally, I assure you, I ran into Duck Dynasty and thought, "Well, I might as well watch for a moment to see what all the fundamentalist buzz is about this show and what is making Wal-Mart rich by marketing stuff with the show's characters on it."

It was the episode about the main guy shooting squirrel for his wife. I did not enjoy it. Granted, I prefer Mozart's Requiem to the sound of a duck call and eating at the Cheesecake Factory to a picnic with fresh rodent, but my objections to Duck Dynasty goes much deeper. I hate to judge anything by one partial viewing but..... just watch this.

Yes, these fundamental ZZ top look-alikes (I am sure that is a way overdone comparison by now)  are bizarrely amusing, with their red-necked love affair with everything that makes me cringe. Being raised almost a vegetarian, I want to dry heave thinking about the entree du jour being fried squirrel brains.

Are we so desperate to associate with anyone who calls himself a Christian that we will utterly cave and go to the opposite of the culture into backwoodsman crude? Why is it that we will put up with sarcastic women and men bragging that they don't take showers because they pray before dinner? 

Christians this is how the non-Christians want to paint you out as--backwoodsman less respected than the Bigfoot hunters. This is not a compliment. A&E are mocking Christians, folks and making a lot of money off Christians supporting this program.

Sometimes Christians can be incredibly gullible. Somebody is fooling us. I don't buy these Duck Dynasty guys. This is about making money. They may be Christians, but I don't believe this is anything but pure entertainment. If you watch it, watch Duck Dynasty for fun, but not to jump onto the bandwagon that these guys are being a great witness for the gospel to the world.


Tompaul said...

I hadn't seen Duck D until I recently did a project on reality television for my film program. After my presentation I had a chance to talk with a long-time television producer, himself a Christian. He noted that from the beginning the network was reluctant to show any of DD's cast's religious side, but now that they're a blockbuster success, they're free to do anything--or show any side of themselves--they want.

Backwoods humor, and stereotyping macho men vs. glamorous women, isn't particularly my cup of tea either, but A&E isn't mocking Christians any more than the Beverly Hillbillies were mocking secular people.

Reginald Stevenson said...

The one time that I watched the show, and I could only stand a few minutes of it, they was fighting and arguing. I also saw them take the Lords name in vain.

Arthur Beem said...

Perhaps not, Tompaul, but I think a lot of people are mocking Christians because of this series and we know at the very least A&E are laughing their way to the bank over the money Christians are making for them over this show.

Tompaul said...

Interestingly, you're far more likely to see a Christian demonstrating their faith on a "reality" show than scripted television. Whether it's a "good witness" is another question.