Monday, May 16, 2016

The Danger of Equality

The idea of equality is one of the most destructive ideas in human history. 

First off, it is illogical. Do you know of anything God made that is equal with something else God made? We can say God values us. We can say God loves us, but what we can't say with any knowledge or reason is that He values us or loves us equally. That is simply an untrue statement. 

It makes us feel good to say it, but it gives us a false sense of love. 

Does a mother really love her children equally? As if love is a pie and each child gets an equal slice. That is not at all what a mother's love is like. She loves each of her children infinitely. There are no boundaries to her love therefore she cannot compare one love to another. By nature, no love can be equal to another love. Each child is loved without boundaries, endlessly. 

So we need to be careful not to limit God and put boundaries on His love for us. For we can be certain that His love is way above a mother's love. 

God does not love us all equally. He loves each of us differently, uniquely and without measure or boundaries. His love cannot be measured as if one person gets a little love and someone else gets more. Again, that is a comparison that is impossible with love.

We can sometimes misunderstand love as being a feeling, and at times we feel more love towards one person than another. But that is to mistake love. Love is not a feeling. Love cannot be measured. 

This obsession in our culture with equality--equality between genders, ages (unborn and born), races, etc.... this is setting up a invalid system. There is no way of comparing a mist with a flower, a rock with a breeze, a beautiful song to a field of wheat. Nothing is intrinsically equal and that is a marvelous thing. Nothing created is equal with another thing. All are wonderfully unequal. 

To try and compare something with another and call it equal is actually a sinful reductionism in our thinking. We are trying to make things compete, to set things at enmity against one anther. 

Equality is not something we should strive for or even teach as a good value. 

We want laws to be enforced fairly under the law, but not necessarily equally. We don't want a child to be treated equally under the law as an adult. A 6 foot, 350 pound man who slaps a woman should not be treated equally as a 5ft. 98 pound woman who slaps a man, unless you can scientifically prove that the woman's slap did equal damage both emotionally and physically to the man--which of course cannot be proven in a court of law. 

We have all been brainwashed into thinking that equality is some great value. But that is really not what we desire--we don't want an illogical and toxic blandness of equality. We indeed simply want to be respected and valued for our differences. We want to be treated fairly and with the dignity of being created in the Image of God. 

For God did not create us equally. He created us differently and loves us infinitely. And that is far better. 

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