Wednesday, July 27, 2016


If you are not involved in cyberspace Catholic interfamily drama--be happy! Be very happy. But if you cringe in pain when you hear these names referenced:
Rad-Trad, SSPX, Rorate Caeli, Michael Voris, Catholic Match, the spirit of Vatican II, Cardinal Dolan, Mark Shea, Bill Donohue, Bishop Robert Barron, National Catholic Reporter....
Then you probably will get why I am writing the next word: 

While there always seems to be something to disagree about (especially in politics); in the last year the Catholic factions have been talking about: how many people go to hell. What percentage of humans will end up rejecting eternity with Christ?

Michael Voris believes, like many saints, that the vast majority of souls will chose hell rather than obedience to God and an eternity with Him. I prefer Bishop Barron's hope that all may be saved. 

Lets be abundantly clear, though: The Catholic Church answers with the same voice as Christ when He was asked who can be saved?

"Things impossible with man are possible with God." 
God did not tell us how many will choose hell.  

However, I am going to live as if there may be a lot of people who choose hell. 

What do I mean by that? 

Well, I think of what I would feel like if I were God and had some precious children who would refuse to ever be acquainted with me (their father or mother). Children who never came to my house; never got my birthday cards, nor answered by phone calls. My little babies who would ignore my love for them while on earth and then hate me so much that they would prefer hell to me for all eternity. I would never be able to reach out and hold them, kiss them, show they my love. That would be so heartbreaking! 

However, what if I had a child who was very close to me, who talked to me daily and spent a lot of time in my home? What if that child could relate my love to the other child who rejected me? Not that they would go directly their sibling and say..."Hey this is from mom," but simply be my love. Love them for me. Touch them with my love. Help them. I would feel like for those moments I got to be connected to that child who hated me and pour out my love for that child through the child who loved me. As their mother, I got to make that connection with that child even if only for a
fleeting moment; even if it was the only connection I got for all eternity. 

I think about that when it comes to God's love for His children who hate Him.

So, if God wants me to connect Him to the children who hate Him, those who refuse to love Him or even accept His love, then I volunteer! 
I want to be that connection of God to His children. His heart, through my heart to the heart of the other child. You have the supernatural honor of being the conduit, where such great love can reach down and grasp the beloved. Wouldn't that be wonderful?! 

What a privilege to pour forth such love to everyone you meet, that God has a direct contact with all those He created, even the ones who may eventually chose to reject eternity with Him. 

And maybe, just maybe, when those who hate Him see Christians pouring out that kind of love, there will be less souls who chose hell. 

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