Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Abortion and Seventh-day Adventists

If you follow me here at this blog, you will know that I converted to Catholicism after leaving the Adventist church. 

I grew up in a wonderful Seventh-day Adventist family. (My testimony can be seen here.) Once I was married and pregnant with my first child, I realized that my beloved church was pro-choice. For twenty years I tried so hard to stir up the Adventist people, who by-in-large are pro-life, to stand up to the General Conference and change the church's stand from pro-choice to pro-life. I was completely unsuccessful and the abortion question was one of the reasons I awoke and started studying other SDA doctrine. Which led to my departure. 

Adventists claim to be the sole remnant of Revelation 14:12 because they alone among the denominations still keep the entire Ten Commandments. Which means to an Adventist that they alone still keep the true Sabbath and everyone else worships on Sunday.  

And yet, I had to finally admit, Adventists do not keep all ten. In fact, the church is pro-choice and some of their hospitals do abortion-on-demand. So Adventists actually teach only that we have to keep nine of the ten. (Ignoring the "thou shalt not kill.") Exactly what they say boots other denominations out of the remnant-hood. So the SDA church is in reality no different than any other church--just keeping nine of the ten, making us all even, right? Their pro-choice stance undermines all authority and all possibility that they are the remnant. 

That is the background of why I am posting this video on a Catholic blog. Because I know many Adventists read this and Catholics need to realize what is going on within the SDA church.

I applaud this young Adventist for his passionate love for the SDA church and his prophetic voice to them. I hope every Adventist will watch this and fight to reverse the SDA church's stand on abortion and once again protect human life. 

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