Saturday, October 1, 2011

From Goddess Liberty To God

I am taking a cyberspace sabbatical to work on a novel until Christmas. I ask for your covering in prayers during this time as I will be dedicated much of my time to prayer also not only for the novel itself but for its readers. After Christmas I am returning and only then will I be able to review and post any of your comments. Please feel free to comment, just understand no comments will actually show up until I get back. God bless you all and I leave you with a poem I recently wrote:

(Note, this is not a political statement)


From Goddess of Liberty to God

Consciences burn with holy lights,
The Cross, blood shed for sacred rights.
O hallowed choice to pluck from tree 
The pleasing fruit of liberty.
Saint of exiles, heavenly flame
To her the yearning masses came
Autonomy burned in every breast, 
The only worship God has blessed.
God’s freedom to choose and happiness gain,
Decides good and evil by personal reign
To follow one’s heart is the holiest right
in the red, white and blue, it’s not black and white.
Allot, Relativism--cunning tyrant, what’s true!
Within each soul’s breast a new truth doth debut,
Stamped with the seal of “Jesus and me.”
Reminding us God died that the truth may be free.
Oh glorious rights, to thee proudly we sing,
Righteous tolerance and diversity bring,
On Luther, on Calvin, on Zwingli, on Knox
Peace thou hast brought us, recorded by Foxe
Another dies for believer’s baptism
His heart commanded a glorious schism
No pope, no priest, God doesn’t require
A leader, he vows till the heretic’s fire.
Once saved, always saved, there is no condemnation
Genuine Christians impute justification.
Only sixty six books from the King James,
All others versions need set to the flames. 
Scriptures teach Adventists, “touch not the swine,”
Conscientiously rejecting a Coke, beer and wine, 
Each Sabbath gathering with thankful tear,
Cherishing freedom to proclaim time is near.
Pressed and tied boys on their bicycles roam,
To shake off the dust of their feet at each home.
Piously suffering the child who has died, 
Parent refused blood the Lord had supplied.
To him bread’s a symbol, to her wine is real,
If we truly love Jesus, it’s about how we feel.
The spirit tells some that to judge is to hate,
as long as we love, we can all fornicate.
As God brought to Adam all creatures to name,
He honors my viewpoint, that I’ll feel no shame.
Then we all can be happy, we all can be saved,
Nothing is evil, nothing depraved.
The brilliance of gods, brought to each Christian mind.
Infallible freedom could never be blind.
Enlightenment promises not to deceive,
Stand firm! Trust your heart and believe.
Unfaithful servant, whom dogma has bruised
PRAY! For the Spirit is clear, not confused.
Lord Scriptures, thy master, is thine only law.
Within it, perfection, no chaos, no flaw.
The fruit of such liberty, crystal to see,
The blind leading blind, and the blind one is me.
I fall to my knees, for freedom enslaved,
Naked and wretched, for this I was saved?
For truth to be truth, it must reign from outside 
my weak understanding. Oh where is your Bride?
We need a pillar, foundation and rock,
For fear false shepherds are guiding Your flock.
The Bible’s my shepherd? I shall not want,
That I may baptize in my own knowledge font?
I am the church? My rock, faith alone?
What I loathe, You rebuke, what I like, You condone?

To draw us to unity, Apostles You chose
A kingdom of God from a seed it arose,
Forewarned church militant holds wheat and tares,
False shepherds exposed not in schism but prayers.
Broken men, fallen leaders, God’s nevertheless,
The church instituted, so it’s not someone’s guess.
Bound by the oath in the bread and the wine,
Grace pours unity, the world sees love’s sign.

For freedom of conscience the remnant has sliced
into bite-sized theology, the Body of Christ
awakened I find I am not at The Tree, but
prostrating to the goddess of my own liberty.
Give me not happiness, Father I plead,
But holiness found in your Word and Your Creed.
Oh, give me freedom at thy feet to lay down,
My desires, my rights, my liberty’s crown.
The goddess lifts scepter lighting self-sovereign seas.
The Cross, God out-stretched, bids us fall on our knees
Wither thou goest, Lamb of God, Son Divine,
There I will follow, not my will but thine.

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Great Poem Teresa :-)