Friday, December 16, 2011

Pilgrimage of Miracles 2011

It is impossible to return in any way but physically...

It feels like a drowning. But no, even more...

We have been baptized in angelic wonders--transformed and our world no longer fits.  Home ceases to refers to any earthly abode. We feel distant and lonely, like we shall be forever falling till we have been given wings. Time is no longer constant, but expanding.

Songs fall still and prayers give way to wordless adoration. The universe is filled with an overpowering, reverent and terrifying silence. The darkest and the lightest become a white hot furnace of pure love.

Senses struck senseless with new eyes to see the horrifying struggle between the cancerous meaninglessness of sin against the beauty and holiness of a Sovereign God.


Miracles are not comfortable.

Miracles make demands upon you.

Do NOT pray for a miracle unless you are prepared to give up this world and live a new life. Miracles sweep away your identity, your worldview, your comfort and leave your existence fundamentally changed.

Miracles are not given for our spiritual entertainment, nor are they necessarily given to strengthen our faith, for most happen when Christ says, "Your faith has healed you." Miracles are given to stretch us, sear us and bring us into the holiness of saints. 

Miracles either burn, heal, and make you a saint or make you an atheist. That must be why God doesn't give them often. You either embrace the supernatural and give glory to God or you analyze them, your heart rejects such powerful grace and belief diminishes and dulls.

There are many many who claim Christ as their best friend out there who are atheists.

Photos of our Pilgrimage of Miracles 2011. More to come... (All photos-- copyright held by Arthur Beem, 2011)

 From the Queen Mary 2 transatlantic voyage from NYC to Southampton, England

                                                             Westminster Abbey

                                                            Westminster Cathedral

                                  Scene from my window in Langley Castle, Hexham, England

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