Thursday, February 23, 2012

Time of Trouble

Most Protestants I have spoken to glaze over when I bring up the topic of losing our religious liberty. They just assume everything will be okay. But, if you know me, I don't just allow things to be set aside. I tend to probe and confront and interrogate. I don't do that to be mean, but to understand why people are not more alarmed at what is going on in the U. S. today.

Oh, they are very upset, but all they can handle is "thinking positive" and hope for the best. If Obamacare goes through without a conscience clause, I ask, are they willing to engage in non-violence civil disobedience and even go to jail? That is when their faces dull over and they can't get their words out.

At first I was angry at these people's passivity until I listened to their lives.

Over the last few years, everyone I know is going through something tragic: divorce, spousal abuse, cancer, drug abuse, lost jobs and houses. Several of them have recently been diagnosed with some type of illness, either diabetes or heart disease or mental illness such as depression or bipolar disorder. Many people take drugs, legal and/or illegal, just to be able to survive their lives. It is just heartbreaking.

And with the majority, several of these high stress situations are happening at once. So many of our lives are catastrophic disasters at the moment and many feel since their lives seem hopeless--or if they have hope it is only by the thinnest string...

We are coming apart at the seems. No wonder a federal crisis doesn't even make it onto the radar screen of these people.

All I can cry out is Maranatha!

And I will pray for them.

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