Saturday, February 18, 2012

What Are We To Do About the Contraception Mandate?

Worst Case Scenario:

I can see two worst case scenarios facing Catholics today about the Obama Healthcare Law.

1. The President caves and includes in the contraception mandate a clause for religious organizations. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops breathe a sigh of relief and gives the green light to the Healthcare Bill. And they abandon all of us Catholic citizens who then are forced to purchase healthcare with abortifacients, sterilization and contraception for everyone else. Our individual consciences are shrugged off.

2. The President does not cave, wins the election and begins the Reign of Terror, American Style.

I am asking a very serious question. I do not want to hear "Cross that bridge when we come to it." We need to prepare as Catholics for the possibility that our eternal optimism is going to hit a brick wall. Hard.

What are we going to do?

As I see it, and I am very anxious to hear other options I have not yet thought of:

A. We can just pay the fee and be done with it. But my fear is that tax is going to go straight into the Healthcare coffers that I am conscienceously trying to avoid filling. Taking it from me and stuffing it into the back pocket of planned parenthood as opposed to handing it to them at a Culture of Death FĂȘte doesn't help my predicament. So my best guess--that one's out. 

B. Go to jail. 

C. Leave the country and as a ex-patriot purchase healthcare overseas that doesn't include conscience-breaking mandates. 

D. What if we still are required to purchase AMERICA's healthcare living overseas? Renounce our citizenship?

Any other options? I am thinking..... 

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