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Part Three: The Reformation Till Today

"[C]ertain abandoned women, turning aside to follow Satan, being seduced by the illusions and phantasms of demons, believe and openly profess that in the dead of night they ride upon certain beasts along with the pagan goddess Diana and a countless horde of women and that in these silent hours they fly over vast tracts of country and obey her as their mistress, while on other nights they are summoned to pay her homage….
[unfortunately] an immense number of people (innumera multitudo) believe these things to be true and believing them depart from the true Faith, so that practically speaking they fall into Paganism. And in this account he says "it is the duty of priests earnestly to instruct the people that these things are absolutely untrue and that such imaginings are planted in the minds of misbelieving folk, not by a Divine spirit, but by the spirit of evil" (P. L., CXXXII, 352; cf. ibid., 284).

During the Reformation and Enlightenment

You will often hear scholars breathe a sigh of relief for the Renaissance and Enlightenment when they repeat the idea that it stopped the Inquisition and witch trials. Yet that is certainly a false claim. With the Reformation came a new madness to rush a person accused of witchcraft to trial and hanging or burning. Right in the middle of the Enlightenment you have the Salem Witch trials. But in America, things were quite different than in Europe. 

Catholic civil courts in Europe convicted an accused witch only upon proof
 such as dead bodies. This wasn't about a culture afraid of magic spells and spooky incantations. These trials were about people breaking the law: dispersing contraception and abortifacients as well as actively committing infanticide. These were people caught digging up dead bodies and stealing from graves, found stealing animals and committing animal cruelty. 

An example of a European trial was the 1782 case of Anna Goldi who was executed, not for being a witch, (which she was accused) but for the killing of her own child. 
The Protestant European witch trials and
Protestant American witch trials that ramped up considerably during the 16th and 17th centuries seem to have been more about the actual "magic" rather than illegal activities such as distribution of contraception and abortifacients. They saw the sin in the playing with the occult rather than directly as the use of contraception and abortion. 
The Salem Witch Trials, run by Puritans, in actuality sent to their death mostly good decent pious Puritans, not witches. If there was anything of the occult, it was in the accusers. The judges in the Salem trials allowed spectral evidence against the accused. Spectral evidence is dreams and visions. This spectral evidence was some of the main evidence used in convicting the accused. When the governor of Massachusetts made spectral evidence illegal, it was the end of the convictions and the end of the trials.

One last anecdotal piece of evidence for the connection of abortion and witchcraft before we go to modern times is this:

King Louis XIV considered himself the new Zeus, who is a type of Molech or Ba'al. His mistress, Madame de Montespan, was thought to dabble in the occult because so many strange and supernatural occurrences happened in her presence. Men were dying, appearing to be murdered, but with no evidence. Detective, Gabriel de La Reynie, the Lieutenant General of the police in Versaille tracked down a witch, la Voisin, who both admitted Madame de Montespan was a witch too and also handed over the poisons used to murder the men. Detective La Reynie also discovered something much more horrible, to provide for their satanic rituals, an underground abortion mill was being run. La Voison's daughter's testimony under oath:

"At one of Madame de Montespan's masses, I saw my mother bring an [premature, aborted] infant and place it over a basin over which its throat was slit, and its blood drained into the chalice. Then the cup filled with the baby's blood was lifted up to heaven and this invocation was given: Hail Ashteroth and Asmodeus, Princes of friendship, I conjure you to accept the sacrifice of this child in return for the favors asked of you."
Modern Connections between Abortion and Witchcraft

In 1933, one of the first things the occult-obsessed Hitler did upon gaining power was make abortion legal in Germany.

1960's sexual revolution led to the "fundamental right" of abortion. Child sacrifice comes to America, legally
During the 1970's feminism gained power in America and many of its most radical proponents dabbled in goddess worship and the new age movement. 
In a  National Abortion Federation, a speaker at the 1985 national convention, Episcopalian priest and radical feminist, Carter Heyward, was quoted as saying, "If women were in charge, abortion would be a sacrament, an occasion of deep and serious and sacred meaning."
The entire issue of Ms. Magazine (Dec. 1985)  explored the spirituality of feminism. One article was about goddess worship (Isis and Aphrodite) including child sacrifice. 
Patricia Baird-Windle founder of Florida's Aware Woman Center for Choice is dedicated to resisting the pro-life movement. In an interview she was asked about religion. Her answer: "My religion is a holy ritual of child sacrifice." The media thought she was kidding. Two of the founders of this group are also registered Wiccans. When confronted in the 1980's by Operation Rescue's aggressive tactics to protect the unborn, the Wiccans
responded publicly, "... steps are being taken to protect not only Aware Woman, but a woman's right to choose. Work is being done mundanely, financially, and magically, to help get through the next few months and beyond."

Wiccan's Open Circle promotes abortion activism of its subscribers and organizes "clinic escorts." The also have guidelines, "If you want to do magical work to protect the clinic, please, please, do it with perfect love and trust." Women involved in occult groups are known to be very politically active in demonstrations and counter demonstrations during pro-life rallies. Laurie Cabot, official witch of Salem, Mass. writes, "The current women's movement has inspired much of the political activism that some covens engage in.... radical feminism, including lesbianism, has found a place in Dianic covens...."

Though today's witches sharply deny animal bloodletting, they admit that they may use their own menses to "pour out libations." 

Today's Witches:

High Priest of Ordo Templi Astarte, Carroll Runyon, is dedicated to reviving the worship of the Canaanite goddess Astarte and her consort Baal (Molech).

The New York Coven of Welsh Traditional Witches was founded by Edmund Buczynski, Herman Slater, and Leo Martello. These men, although not directly known for abortion activism, were among the first in America to publicly defend the gay agenda openly as Pagans.
High Priest Wiccan, Alex Sanders claimed a magical ability to cause abortion just by pointing at a pregnant woman. He also was known as a abortion advocate and often took women to have abortions. But for those who could not afford the fees, he was known to do incantations to abort the child. 
Zsuzsanna Budapest has conducted ceremonies with her coven of lesbians where aborted babies were offered to the goddess.

Margot Adler is a Wiccan priestess, radio journalist and correspondent for National Public Radio (NPR) and pro-choice activist.

Wicca states that "more than any other religion, celebrates and exalts the divine feminism" and believe that had not Wicca "been around the Women’s Movement would not have survived, and indeed, flourished." 


One last thing to leave you with. Our precious Lord, giver and creator of all life warned the Church of Thyatira about Jezebel (a new Jezebel!): "But I have one thing against you, that you tolerate that woman Jezebel who calls herself a prophetess and she teaches and leads my bond servants astray so that they commit acts of immortality and eat things sacrificed to idols." (Revelation 2:20).

Jezebel was a witch known to force child sacrifice to Ba'al. We are in the time of another Jezebel who rules our country that claims to have a citizenry of more than 80% Christians. We are Thyratira. We are tolerating Jezebel. May God have mercy upon us.

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