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Part One: Ancient History

Introduction: Dismissing the Occult

When I think of witches I think of the line in The Princess Bride movie when Miracle Max's wife responds to his insult, "Get back, witch!" with "I'm not a witch, I'm your wife." I think most Americans relate the idea of a woman riding a broomstick with something "undark" like the old TV series Bewitched. Or for the younger crowd, a school of Hogwarts or a sexy mutant ninja
vampire. The supernatural is simply fantasy entertainment.

Today's wanna-be witches are drug-addicted, rockers who dress up in renaissance costumes (or run around naked) doing silly pagan rituals. These, by far, make up the whole of America's kooky occult. Not to say some of them do not engage in some really creepy and disgusting things. They tend to be incredibly promiscuous and promote a pantheistic, homosexual or bisexual lifestyle. Yet, they  are not generally dangerous people.
On the other hand, with last Sunday's black mass in Oklahoma, we were reminded that there are people serious about engaging the dark spiritual powers of the occult. 
So, while some Catholic scholars dismiss the church's history with witchcraft as the dark ages of superstitious, religious zealots misunderstanding and oppressing those with mental illness, quietly the Vatican is actively training hundreds of new clergy in exorcism. 
And with that in mind, very few have connected witches with the abortion industry. So that is the goal of this paper. To do this we need to begin with some ancient history. 

TAURUS, the Heavenly Bull

For most of human history, the constellation Taurus marked the Spring equinox, when most ancient cultures began a new season and a new year. Therefore, the bull was said to have pushed through and led the new year. It was the first calendar sign of the Babylonian and Hebrew zodiac as well as being the first letter of their alphabets. 

Taurus has been worshipped as a god of warfare and sexual potency throughout the world, even into our times. 

The Greeks, Druids, the ancients of Africa, the peoples of the Mediterranean areas and the far east as well as the Buddhists, Hindus and pantheists have celebrated festivals in honor of the sacred bull.

Taurus was Osiris in Egypt, but morphed into the Sumerian female deity of war and sexuality, Ianna. In Egypt, sacred Taurus would sacrifice himself once a year to the sun god as a renewal of the vitality of the land. Greek mythology has the Taurus 
constellation as Zeus or later as Zeus's mistress. As well as the Egyptian Mnevis. The Bull had gender issues, but was always associated with two things: war and fertility. Is it possible that the ancient demon-gods of violence and the begetting of offspring could possibly be the spirit behind the abortion movement?

There are ancient depictions of humans with a bull/cows head. Remember the human-eating Minotaur in the labyrinth on the Island of Crete? Almost any history museum will have examples of ancient Greek, Egyptian or Mesopotamian art with bull's heads upon human bodies. 
This starts to get interesting is when we connect the Biblical account of the demon,  
Molech. You remember Molech, the Ammonite god who demanded child sacrifice? 

Taurus, El, Molech, Ba'al, a Demon by Many Names

During the time of the Patriarchs, the world knew Ba'al (Molech) as "El, Son of Dagon." A very aggressive bull god depicted as holding a thunderbolt. 
After running from Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot's wife looked back and turned into a pillar of salt.  Lot lived in a cave with his two daughters who had been raised in the horrible Sodomite culture. They got their father drunk and became pregnant by him siring sons who become the Moabites and Ammonites. It is the Ammonites who began worshipping the bull, Molech. Later, scripture records that it was the Ammonites who enticed Israel to sacrifice their children to Molech. The Ammonites first introduced the horrible practice of gutting pregnant women: 
"For three transgressions of the sons of Ammon, and for four, will I not revoke its punishment, because they have ripped open the pregnant women of Gilead in order to enlarge their borders," (Amos 1:13). 

This bull may have been the god formed by Israel at the foot of Mt. Sinai when Moses was receiving the Ten Commandments.
Within the area of Israel, the fertility (and violent) god of the Bull now morphed into Molech who demanded infant blood.
This has a strange correlation to today. First, in the 1960's the sexual revolution encouraged promiscuity, sexual deviancy and orgies… (the fertility bull) and then eventually it moved into the demand of violence and warfare against child--a sacrifice because of that fertility--abortion! (Molech).  This, I do not believe is a coincidence. There remains an ancient demonic spirit who wants to confuse genders, confuse marriage, confuse sex, confuse the meaning and value of the lives of our children.
In ancient Israel and ancient history, Ba'al worship and Molech worship combined into one… 

Witchcraft and Molech/Ba'al Worship

Even though Ba'al/Molech was ubiquitously worshipped by the ancients, witchcraft itself-- sorcery--was outlawed by these same cultures. The Code of Hammurabi (c.2000 BC) recorded: 
If a man has laid a charge of witchcraft and has not justified it, he upon whom the witchcraft is laid shall go to the holy river; he shall plunge into the holy river and if the holy river overcome him, he who accused him shall take to himself his house.
They did not see idolatry and child sacrifice as witchcraft. For God's people though, the connection between idolatry and witchcraft was direct. See Exodus 22: 17-18 and Leviticus 20: 27). Israel was told that witchcraft carried a capital punishment charge: "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live," Ex. 22: 18.
During the time of King Solomon, Israel fell into Molech/Ba'al worship and began sacrificing their own children in the Valley of Hinnom right outside the temple in Jerusalem. Then again during the reign of Ahaz and Jezebel. It was Jezebel, a witch herself, who enticed Israel's king to offer the life of children to this horrific god. Later, King Manasseh associated with witches. (Exodus 7: 11; Daniel 2:2; II Kings 9:22, Manasseh’s idolatry 21:2).
Here is the first connections with witches and child sacrifice going back all the way to ancient Israel in the form of idolatry to Ba'al/Molech.

[Note: Some Jewish online sources suggest that fallen angels taught women witchcraft and that the first woman, Lilith, transformed herself into a witch. God smote her and replaced her with Eve. From medieval Jewish Rabbi Alef-Bet ben Sira.]

Jewish literature also strongly suggests that witches throughout the Old Testament were mostly engaged in practices that prevented pregnancy (contraception) and caused babies to be stillborn (abortions).  (Otzar ha-Geonim, Sotah 11) During Christendom, Jewish literature is filled with stories of courageous Jewish Rabbi's who confronted witches and drove them out. It is Jewish literature that first equate witches with werewolves and vampires! (For more information see the website of: Rabbi Geoffrey Dennis, Congregation Kol Ami in Flower Mound, TX.)


The bull god, always linked with violence, power and sexual virility throughout the ancient cultures found its way into Israel--the very people of God. How is this possible? Even Israel's Queen, Jezebel was instrumental in leading God's chosen to murdering their own children as a sacrifice to this bull, Molech/Ba'al. If it could happen to ancient Israel, we can make the same mistake today. And we have. 

Next: Witchcraft and Abortion in the Christian Era.

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